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Novak Djokovic (Image: Novak Djokovic's Instagram)
Novak Djokovic (Image: Novak Djokovic's Instagram)

Novak Djokovic not taking vaccine is his personal choice but he will also have to face consequences: Vijay Amritraj

ANI | Updated: Mar 03, 2022 21:54 IST

By Vivek Prabhakar Singh
New Delhi [India], March 3 (ANI): Novak Djokovic not taking a vaccine has caused a lot of problems for the 20-time grand slam champion as the Serb was not allowed to compete in the Australian Open 2022. Despite missing out, Djokovic is adamant that he will not take vaccines even if it leads to missing out on future tournaments. The former Wimbledon and US Open quarter-finalist Vijay Amritraj believes that this is his personal choice but he will have to face the consequence for it.
"It is a personal choice but you also face the consequences. The consequences are pretty straightforward. In my opinion, every grand slam that he doesn't play is the one lost for him because he comes as a clear favourite. It is like he is playing to win matches and it is playing for history as well. So, it remains to be seen if he is playing now to get back and rethink that issue. He seems to have made himself very clear. He seems to have a great conviction about not wanting to do this. If you make your bed then you will have to sleep in it, " Vijay Amritraj told ANI.

In Djokovic's absence, Rafael Nadal went on to win Australian Open 2022 to take his grand slams tally to a record 21. His victory has once again invited the debate as to who is the greatest player of all time.
"I think you will have to look at it as - are you the real fan of Nadal, Federer or Djokovic. It is hard to say who is the better of the three. Needless to say, the results show that Nadal has pulled ahead. Coming into the French he is going to be the clear favourite to win. If he gets to 22 then again we are going to say and we are going to have this debate again. I think it comes down to the fans," Vijay Amritraj said.
"Millions of fans, each one of them has, and I think a lot of people have said that Djokovic is by far the best. By the time his career is over, there is a likelihood that he will win more than both of them unless of course his vaccination once again comes in the way," India's tennis legend added. (ANI)