Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier (Photo: Twitter/UFC)
Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier (Photo: Twitter/UFC)

UFC 264: Dana White provides update on McGregor leg injury, says fourth fight with Poirier could happen

ANI | Updated: Jul 11, 2021 18:44 IST

Nevada [USA], July 11 (ANI): Dana White believes that the fourth fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier could happen once the Irishman recovers from his leg injury which he sustained on Saturday night bout.
The third match-up between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor ended in abbreviated fashion, as it was officially ruled as a "doctor's stoppage" at the end of the first round by referee Herb Dean after McGregor's leg snapped on the edge of the octagon.
"It looked like the ankle to me, but I'm no doctor. Once they get in there and do the X-rays on him and look at it, they'll know exactly what's wrong," White said during the UFC 264 post-fight news conference in a video posted by Sky Sports.

That's when UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell, who was standing close by, interrupted his response and provided an update of McGregor's condition. "Lower tibia. The shin, I guess," Dana added. "The fight didn't get finished, you can't have a fight finished that way. You know, we'll see how this whole thing plays out, who knows how long Conor's out. Poirier will do his thing until Conor is ready," White relayed to the media on the microphone.
"It's all about timing, what's going on, what's happens since then," White said. "Conor goes into surgery tomorrow. We don't know long how he's going to be out. How much his rehab and therapy he's going to need."
Earlier in the match, McGregor opened up the proceedings with a spinning kick to the body and followed with more kicks to the body and legs before throwing a left hand upstairs. Poirier answered with kicks to the leg of his own and when he let loose with punches to the head, he knocked McGregor off balance before grappling with his foe against the fence, as per
"I beat the guy," said Poirier, when asked by Joe Rogan if the win was anticlimactic. As for this being the end of the rivalry, the two continued to jaw at each other after the fight, with McGregor telling Rogan, "This is not over."
The No.1-ranked Poirier moves to 28-6, 1 NC with the win. The No.5-ranked McGregor falls to 22-6. McGregor defeated Poirier in their first bout in 2014 before Poirier evened the score in January. (ANI)