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Sandeep Singh Bhatti. (Photo- VN Promotions)
Sandeep Singh Bhatti. (Photo- VN Promotions)

Professional boxer Sandeep Singh Bhatti to be part of Tyson Fury's headliner event

ANI | Updated: Nov 30, 2022 18:08 IST

New Delhi [India], November 30 (ANI): Professional boxer Sandeep Singh Bhatti has been chosen to box for Tyson Fury's undercard team. With the backing of world athlete promoters Top Rank (the boxing promotional company founded by Jabir Herbert Muhammad and Bob Arum) and Frank Warren (the founder of Queensbury Promotions), Sandeep Singh Bhatti will compete against British professional boxer Issac Lowe on December 3.
Sandeep Singh Bhatti, backed by Indian professional boxer Neeraj Goyat, had the opportunity to compete in a number of professional boxing tournaments in both India and England. After achieving significant success in professional tournaments, Sandeep was enlisted to compete for Tyson Fury's headliner event.
Speaking on supporting Neeraj's career and helping him participate in his first Undercard fight, Neeraj Goyat said, "Sandeep is more of a fighter than a boxer. He has not only raised the bar for professional boxing in India, but his selection in the upcoming undercard fight will undoubtedly establish him as a new fan favourite in the combat sporting community."

Also sharing further on the association with Top Rank and Frank Warren, Neeraj shares,
"Sandeep is one of our top professional boxing talents we have in India at the moment. Top Rank and Frank Warren's assistance has allowed him to compete against international boxing champions such as Issac Lowe who is now regarded as one of the best professional boxers in the world. Many Indian fans will be surprised to see Sandeep share the stage and competing against the international boxing champion which will also help open doorways for our other Indian boxers as well."
Sharing excitement on preparation for his first undercard fight, professional boxer Sandeep Singh Bhatti shares "In my career, facing off against such a professional fighter is a huge step forward. I would like to thank particularly Neeraj Goyat, my manager for pulling this one off and Top Rank India and Frank Warren, for allowing my talent to compete in an international league fight so early in my career."
Expanding on the importance of Sandeep's participation in the undercard fight Bob Arum, Founder and CEO of Top Rank share, "Professional Boxing has found a huge fanbase here in India; I am quite surprised by the response and adoration Indian fans have for combat sports, as well as how it engages even non-sports fans."
"Our goal has always been to support athletes like Sandeep and to open doors for pro boxing to grow beyond national boundaries. We want professional boxing to have a bigger and stronger commercial viability globally, similar to cricket and football, and we hope to inspire it," he added. (ANI)