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IOC EB approves Olympic Qualification System Principles for Paris 2024

ANI | Updated: Oct 17, 2021 17:56 IST

Athens [Greece], October 17 (ANI): The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Saturday approved the Qualification System Principles (QSP) for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.
The EB has outlined the rules for all the qualification systems that will now be established by the International Sports Federations (IFs) for these Games.
Each Federation establishes its sport's qualification rules, procedures and criteria for participation in the Olympic Games, as stipulated in the Bye-law to Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter
Qualification of each athlete is then subject to final selection by each National Olympic Committee (NOC), upon the recommendation of the respective National Federation (NF).

The document includes several principles to ensure that fair and equal opportunities are available for all athletes and teams and that fundamental values such as universality, gender equality and non-discrimination are upheld, while also ensuring the participation of the world's best athletes at the Olympic Games.
The QSP provide the basis for the development of the individual qualification system for each of the sports/disciplines on the programme for Paris 2024.
The individual systems will set out the exact criteria for qualification and eligibility of athletes and teams and will be published after they are approved by the IOC EB in early 2022, with the qualification window starting in June 2022.
Across all sports, the qualification systems ensure the participation of all 206 NOCs with a minimum of one man and one woman in their delegation at Paris 2024.
Each qualification system must therefore include a timeline for qualification, taking into account the fact that no qualification period for any sport/discipline may exceed 24 months, and all qualification events must be completed by no later than 23 June 2024. (ANI)