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Indian system looks down upon Indian coaches, alleges RB Ramesh

ANI | Updated: Jul 11, 2020 12:16 IST

New Delhi [India], July 11 (ANI): Grandmaster RB Ramesh on Saturday lashed out at the current sports system in the country, saying that it shows Indian coaches in bad light.
He also said that when foreign coaches come to India, they get paid more amount of money and went on to say that 'slave mentality' is prevalent among many.
"Can you guess the fee that was paid per day for being Coach of Indian Chess team for official events like Olympiad, World Team Championship, Asian team Championships? No one would believe it. Things got slightly better eventually, though nowhere near what it should be," RB Ramesh said while starting off his long Twitter thread.
"The Indian system looks down upon Indian coaches for the most part. Foreign coaches mean 5 to 10 times more fee will be paid, forget about the competency of coaches or results produced for the country. Slave mentality due to centuries under colonialism still prevalent among many still," he added.

Ramesh, then gave his own example as to how he was paid 1/10th of the amount that is normally given to a foreign coach.

"Even as recent as last year, for training the same group of Indian junior and sub-junior players, I was paid probably 1/10th of what a "foreign coach" was paid if I am not mistaken for doing the same job. I did one camp and refused to do the next one for the same reason," Ramesh said.
"Most Indian coaches don't want to go with the Indian team as the pay is degradingly low. What they will earn in a couple of days privately, is what is paid officially for 10 or 15 days," he said in another tweet.

The former Commonwealth Chess champion has also called upon the Sports Ministry to bring in a system that awards coaches for their efforts to bring laurels for the country.
Earlier this week, Ramesh had resigned as the chief selector of the All India Chess Federation (AICF) after alleging interference from officials within the AICF.
After this, name-calling started within the AICF as Secretary Vijay Deshpande accused Bharat Singh Chauhan of interfering in the selection process.
Chauhan then said that Deshpande is not even a secretary in the AICF. (ANI)