Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (file image)
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (file image)

Premier League: The break before next season will be massive for all, says Klopp

ANI | Updated: May 23, 2021 16:14 IST

Liverpool [UK], May 23 (ANI): Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said it is important for all the players to get an appropriate break ahead of the next season of the Premier League.
The Premier League 2021-22 season will kick off on August 14 roughly a month after the end of Euro 2020. Klopp knows the significance of the rest as last year the teams got just two weeks of a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
"Massive for all of us, because last year we just had two weeks. I know that we had a lockdown before that, but it was not for one second a rest, it was actually the opposite of that it was very stressful, you never know when you are going to start again you have to prepare for the next day, for three days later and completely different circumstances I think we all know that all felt the same pretty much," Klopp said on Star Sports Select.
"Our lives were upside down all of a sudden, a very active sporty life turns around to sitting at home and waiting for news and stuff like this. So only 2 weeks off and starting a pre-season immediately it was tough but for all of us," he further said.
He said that the next break of the team will be massive."Obviously, you can still win the league and you can still win a lot of stuff as you can see with the city. For us it didn't work out, but the next break will be massive. Massive."

"That's why i feel so much for the players when you have a tournament and stuff like this. We try to squeeze out every day so they can have a holiday. As much as I want my players to be successful in a moment when some of the teams go out early in the euro's I will not be too sad about that [laughter] the earlier the better pretty much," he opined.
Klopp feels finishing in the top four teams in the ongoing Premier League will be their "one of the biggest achievements".
Liverpool is at the fourth spot in the points table and all the teams will be playing their last game of the season on Sunday. Leicester City, who have the same points (66) as Liverpool, might replace Klopp's side in the points table.
"Massive. Absolutely massive, one of the biggest achievements ever. I know how that sounds, I know but it's the truth. Everyone sees it here like that. It's just if we want to write a book about the season and you want to be depressed about it afterwards you probably take this season," Klopp said on Star Sports Select.
"You read it and you think 'oh really and then that happened...' most of the things they don't really get in public, we really just had a lot of things to deal with but here we are," he added.
Liverpool, who had won the Premier League last season, was hampered by injuries this season and they can even miss out on qualifying for the Champions League. The Reds need to win their last game to qualify for the Champions League.
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