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Brazilian midfielder Casemiro
Brazilian midfielder Casemiro

Neymar the best Brazilian player, says Casemiro

ANI | Updated: Jul 06, 2019 09:46 IST

Rio de Janeiro [Brazil], July 6 (ANI): As Brazil and Peru get ready to lock horns in the Copa America final, Brazilian defensive midfielder Casemiro heaped praise on Neymar, calling him the team's best player.
Neymar is currently not a part of the team's squad due to his ankle injury. In view of this, Casemiro said his presence would have made the team a lot better.
"The quality of Neymar, indisputably we have to say he is the best Brazilian player. If Neymar were here, it would be better for us and it would help a lot more, but he isn't and we have to overcome his absence, overcome this difficulty," Goal.com quoted Casemiro as saying.
"If the kid is OK, I'll tell you, it's almost impossible to stop him. He is a player of extreme quality, already demonstrated for all, already demonstrated in the Brazilian squad. We have great players. We have created a game identity, but if he were here it would be much better," he added.
Brazil have already defeated Peru 5-0 once in the group stages so the side would go in into the finals with confidence. Casemiro registered the first goal for the team in the win against Peru.
Casemiro added that the team needs to stick to their gameplan and have to avoid deviating from their match-winning formula.
"You have to know the time to suffer, you have to know the time to attack, you have to know the time to defend. Above all, we are creating a very solid team at the back. When I say solid back, it's not just the defenders, everyone is committed. That's it, don't lose our characteristics," Casemiro said.
"We don't have to do anything different from what we're doing, not only in relation to the last matches, but for the last two, three years. We built a good average of wins, a few losses. We don't have to do anything different. We have to play our football. We know there is a great team as an opponent, but it is our football," he added.
Brazil defeated Argentina 2-0 in the semi-finals and the team have solid momentum on their side.
On the other hand, Peru registered a 3-0 victory over the last year's tournament winner Chile.
Brazil takes on Peru in the Copa America final on July 7. (ANI)