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Four-day AIFF-SAI joint special reconversion course kicks-off

ANI | Updated: Jul 27, 2020 16:33 IST

New Delhi [India], July 27 (ANI): As part of All India Football Federation's (AIFF) plan to guide Sports Authority of India (SAI) coaches to understand the process of AFC-AIFF coach education system, the national governing body of football in association with SAI is conducting a special reconversion course which kicked-off on Monday.
The four-day-long reconversion course is being attended by 48 SAI coaches. Two sessions are scheduled every day.
Kushal Das, General Secretary, AIFF; Abishek Yadav, Director, National Teams; Isac Doru, Technical Director, AIFF and Savio Medeira, Director, Coach Education were all present in the virtual opening session.
Besides, Rachana Govil, ED (Coach Education) and Arjuna awardee; Dr Kishore, Principal, SAI LNCPE, Trivandrum also attended the session. Dr Pradip Dutta, Associate professor and FIFA instructor, SAI, LNCPE, Trivandrum was also present on the occasion.
Das thanked SAI for "coming forward" and 'partnering' with AIFF for the course. He also lauded Sandeep Pradhan, DG, SAI for his "untiring efforts" all throughout.
"We are grateful to SAI for coming forward and partnering with us. I would like to thank Sandeep Pradhan for his untiring efforts to implement this. We have been trying to do this since long," the General Secretary said.
"Combining the knowledge of NIS Patiala which focuses on Sports science and AIFF courses will be a perfect scenario for the coaches to grow. AIFF will always be there to provide whichever support is required. Without coaches, the game can't be improved nationally. India is on the cusp of taking it to the next level. Our youth development, FIFA rankings have improved in recent times significantly," Das continued.
Savio Medeira said the foremost aim of this course is to help all SAI coaches who are yet to attend AFC/AIFF coaching courses yet. He too praised SAI for organising the course amidst the ongoing pandemic situation.
"This is an excellent initiative from SAI. The planning is really thorough and detailed. This course is primarily targeted to those coaches who possess NIS degrees and further want to continue coaching. NIS primarily deals with sports science quite extensively," he said.

"On the other hand, AFC courses focus more on match situations, new methodologies, observing the game and analysis. So, a synergy will be the perfect gateway for the coaches. Better decision making is of paramount importance which is also a trait of a better coach. Our primary aim is to help the SAI coaches who haven't attended AFC courses yet through this Reconversion course," Medeira explained.
Isac Doru stressed on developing a "winning mentality", which is the key to excel.
"We need to develop a winning mentality. We need to instil it in the youngsters' minds. We train to win, not only participate. A win gives us confidence. It builds a champion mentality," Doru said.
"We are not giving you (coaches) the fish, rather we'll teach you how to fish. India is full of talent who are like liquid gold. Except for the coaches, you cannot make jewellery. Coaches need to learn the principles of game, training methodologies, specific characteristics of diff age-group. Individual, as well as the combined performance, needs to be assessed," he added.
Rachana Govil, Deputy Director, SAI and ED (Coach Education) felt this course will help the coaches improve, and match the "International level".

"Coaches play a major role in the team's performance. They have to understand not only the opposition but also his/her players. These types of courses are important to upgrade knowledge. This one will help the coaches improve and be at par with the international standard," the Deputy Director opined.
Abhishek Yadav, Director of the national team thanked Sandeep Pradhan and Kushal Das for visioning this course. He further labelled this day as a "remarkable day for Indian Football."
"It's a remarkable day for Indian Football. I would like to thank Pradhan and Das for implementing this project which we have been trying for quite some time. I would further extend my gratitude to the entire team working relentlessly. Lots of coaches will get benefited from this course which will, in the process, benefit the national football ecosystem," Yadav said.
Meanwhile, "at the end of the four-day course, a test will be conducted and the report will be shared with SAI," Medeira informed. (ANI)