Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel (Photo/ Chelsea FC Twitter)
Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel (Photo/ Chelsea FC Twitter)

Desire is to push for more victories and grow as coach: Tuchel

ANI | Updated: May 30, 2021 11:41 IST

Porto [Portugal], May 30 (ANI): Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has said that his desire will always be to push for more victories and keep growing as a coach.
His remarks came as Chelsea defeated Manchester City 1-0 in the Champions League final on Saturday (local time) to win the tournament for the second time in their history. previously, the side had won the Champions League in 2012.
"I'm not even 100 per cent sure, but maybe I have a new contract now. It can be, my manager said something about it, but I do not know. So let's check this first. I spoke to the owner right now on the pitch, this was the best moment for a first meeting. Or the worst, because from now on it can only get worse! We will speak tomorrow, speak later, speak tomorrow, and looking forward to this," quoted Tuchel as saying.
"I can assure him that I will stay hungry, that I want the next title and I feel absolutely happy, as a part of a really ambitious club, a strong part of a strong group. That suits my belief and my passion for football at the moment perfectly," he added.
Further talking about his future at Chelsea, Tuchel said: "So my desire is to go for more victories, to grow as a coach and to push the group on the first day of the next season to the limit. We have work to do to close the gap, and this is what I'm all about. And so it will be nice to meet him a bit closer."

"We are in contact but not personally, he knows what's going on from me directly. But now it's nice to meet him," he added.
Tuchel also said that winning the Champions League is just a beginning for this young Chelsea squad and there are greater things in store.
"Well it's about the next one, honestly. When we won the cup in Dortmund, I did not arrive at the next training with less hunger or ambition," said Tuchel.
"Of course, now is the time to celebrate for some days, to enjoy and to let it sink in. Absolutely, to let it sink in this is the time now for one or two weeks and to talk about it and reflect on it," he added.
In the match between both these sides, Manchester City held on to the ball for 61 per cent of the match while Chelsea kept the ball for just 39 per cent of the match. However, City was not able to capitalise.
City had just one shot on target in the entire match while Chelsea had two shots on target. Kai Havertz's goal finally came in the 42nd minute of the match and this gave Chelsea a 1-0 lead in the match, and this threw Manchester City on the backfoot. (ANI)