A man dressed as the Trump baby blimp holding a Kim Jong-un dummy at the first Ashes Test on Aug 3 in Edgbaston (Photo/Reuters)
A man dressed as the Trump baby blimp holding a Kim Jong-un dummy at the first Ashes Test on Aug 3 in Edgbaston (Photo/Reuters)

UK: Trump's baby blimp makes debut at Ashes!

ANI | Updated: Aug 04, 2019 12:55 IST

Birmingham [UK], Aug 4 (ANI): Halloween came early for those cheering at the first Ashes Test in Edgbaston, as US President Donald Trump's giant baby blimp made a comeback in the UK, this time amidst crowds including impersonators of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
A man dressed as the giant orange Trump baby in nappies was seen hobnobbing with a group of people dressed in Mexican sombreros and ponchos here, a stunt which may be a reference to the President's controversial take on immigrants coming in from the US' southern border with Mexico, according to British daily Metro.
He wasn't the only high-profile leader who had impersonators that raised the crowd's spirits here on Saturday. People dressed as the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, the Pope, and Sesame Street's Cookie Monster were also seen hanging around in the stands, as the England cricket team took on the Australian side for the third day in the first test of the series.

A dummy of the North Korean leader wearing a pink shirt was also seen being passed around, as another man dressed as Kim holding an inflatable missile enthusiastically greeted the Trump blimp.
Even though denuclearisation talks have hit a roadblock, Trump has maintained that he shares a friendly bond with the reclusive state's head. The missile was an apparent reference to the latest projectiles launches undertaken by Pyongyang, which has sent alarm bells ringing in the Korean Peninsula.
Trump has previously called Kim "little rocket man," which could also be referred to here, seeing the way the Kim impersonator was dressed.
While this the first time the Trump blimp was seen at the Ashes, the orange balloon is no stranger to British skies. A 19-foot Trump blimp had made headlines when it was flown in London during the US leader's recent state visit to the country. The very same balloon was also hoisted during protests against Trump's visit to the UK in 2018. (ANI)