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Security guard jumping at Edgbaston Stadium to entertain fans (Image: ANI)
Security guard jumping at Edgbaston Stadium to entertain fans (Image: ANI)

Security guards entertain fans at Edgbaston Stadium in a rain marred day

ANI | Updated: Jul 03, 2022 06:00 IST

By Vivek Prabhakar Singh
Birmingham [UK], July 3 (ANI): The Day-2 of the fifth and final rescheduled Test being played between England and India here at the Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham on Saturday was marred by rain for most of the time but despite a truncated day, there was no shortage of entertainment for the crowd who came in large numbers to watch the match. Not only the players, the ground staff and the security guards too entertained them.
Only 38.5 overs were bowled on day-2 but in these overs, fans saw Ravindra Jadeja's ton, captain Jasprit Bunrah's blistering cameo, Indian pacers exploiting the condition at the Edgbaston and of course the jumping of security guards whenever the ropes were used to take out water from the wet outfield.

The rain interrupted the day's play thrice and the super soppers and ropes were used to take out water from the outfield to make it dry in order to make it fit to play. The third rain interruption was the biggest one as it rained heavily and the fans were not too happy because of several interruptions. But then, things got a bit interesting when the groundsmen started to dry the field and while taking the water from the outfield using the rope one of the security guard's legs got stuck and he fell down. The fans laughed as they found it funny.
The groundsmen carried on and took several rounds and from there on, the four security guards standing in different directions of the field kept on jumping whenever the ropes came towards them the fans loved it. So, from there on when the rope used to come closer to the guards, they used to start cheering and roaring. This amusement for them continued as the groundsmen took many rounds and the security guards kept jumping.
Before the resumption of the play, the security guards jumped and kept on entertaining the fans making the atmosphere of the ground euphoric. (ANI)