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IPL petitioner Verma writes to BCCI, wants formation of ad-hoc committee to look into Bihar cricket

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2021 15:09 IST

New Delhi [India], April 16 (ANI): The fate of the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) is set to be decided at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Apex Council meeting on Friday after the association refused to pay heed to the board's warning to not host the Bihar Cricket League (BCL). And IPL petitioner Aditya Verma wants the board to form an ad-hoc committee to help solve the current mess in Bihar cricket.
In a letter to BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and the Apex Council members, the Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) Secretary Verma has requested the formation of an ad-hoc committee for the betterment of cricket in Bihar.
He has sighted the gross illegal administrative policies that are being followed under BCA chief Rakesh Tiwary since September 29, 2019, including the organisation of the T20 league despite a mail from the BCCI interim CEO Hemang Amin warning the BCA against hosting the T20 league.

In his defence, BCA chief Tiwari said that it was a case of misunderstanding due to the lack of communication from the BCCI after the initial letter asking whether all rules had been followed was reverted to by the association.
Verma has said that not getting a reply from BCCI didn't mean it was a go-ahead and the BCA officials must be punished while the participants can be forgiven as they were misinformed about BCCI's approval.
"Not getting a reply does not mean permission to go ahead and host the tournament. They should have waited for a reply. Action must be taken against the officials by BCCI as it will otherwise set a bad precedent. The players can be forgiven as they were misinformed by BCA officials that the league had BCCI's approval," he explained.
BCA conducted the Bihar Cricket League (BCL) in Patna from March 20-26. The showpiece event featured five teams Dharbhanga Diamonds, Gaya Gladiators Patna Pilots, Angika Avengers, and Bhagalpur Bulls. (ANI)