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BCCI's strict view on BCA hosting unapproved T20 league must be lauded: Former office-bearer

ANI | Updated: Mar 30, 2021 15:17 IST

By Baidurjo Bhose
New Delhi [India], March 30 (ANI): The Bihar Cricket Association's (BCA) decision to host a T20 league without paying heed to the Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) warning has put the state body in trouble as it is now liable for sanction. And while BCA President Rakesh Kumar Tiwari believes it was a case of miscommunication, former and current BCCI officials believe that such acts cannot be ignored and strict action is on the cards.
Speaking to ANI, a former BCCI office-bearer said there is no place for a lenient view in such cases and the board must be lauded for cracking down on the BCA.
"The BCCI has taken a principled stand on the issue and it is crucial to do so to combat the scourge of fixing and other unscrupulous activities. A state association cannot be disregarding such an integral rule of the BCCI's constitution and then hope to get by with a simple apology. If a lenient view is taken with regard to unapproved tournaments then the structured cricketing system would all but collapse and unscrupulous activities would become rampant. The BCCI has taken the correct position here and must be lauded," the former office-bearer said.
BCA conducted the Bihar Cricket League (BCL) in Patna from March 20-26. The showpiece event featured five teams Dharbhanga Diamonds, Gaya Gladiators Patna Pilots, Angika Avengers and Bhagalpur Bulls.
In his defence, BCA chief Tiwari said that it was a case of misunderstanding due to the lack of communication from the BCCI after the initial letter asking whether all rules had been followed.

"There was a misunderstanding. We sent in a request to allow us to host the T20 league. We got a reply asking if we had followed all regulations. There was an issue as the rule says we cannot have a league 15 days on either side of the Indian Premier League. So, we changed the dates of the tournament and wrote back to the board. When the BCCI didn't reply, we thought all was good," he told ANI.
Asked why he didn't stop the tournament after getting the letter from BCCI, the BCA chief said: "Actually it came a day before the final and since we were busy with preparations, we didn't see. But we apologise for the mistake."
The former office-bearer said that the explanation doesn't hold water. "If you seek approval of the BCCI and approval is not accorded or if a communication has not been received, it is downright foolhardy to assume that everything is okay and that the approval has been granted.
"Once you apply for a license, it does not mean that the license has been granted, it only means that an application has been made. So, the fact is that an unapproved tournament was conducted and that the BCCI has taken a strict view of the same," he pointed.
Echoing the sentiments, a current BCCI functionary said that consequences will have to be faced by the BCA as well as those involved with the organisation of the league.
"The logical consequence is similar to the consequences faced by those who were connected with the ICL (Indian Cricket League) in any way. The broadcaster faces blacklisting, the coaches and umpires and other participants face suspensions or ban as do the participants.
"The state association would also face sanctions for conducting an unapproved tournament. It is the duty of the participant, whether a player or a coach or a broadcaster etc. to ensure that the tournament that they are associating with is an approved tournament," the functionary explained. (ANI)