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Owning an original piece of art was perhaps never so affordable

| Updated: Oct 22, 2016 17:45 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct.22 (ANI): When was the last time you visited the art or sculpture section of a museum and spent hours marvelling at the exquisite details and the hours of labour that went into creating those masterpieces? But no matter how many times you step inside, you knew too well that the artefacts in the museum were national treasures that were never meant to adorn any private wall or gallery, including yours. So, you started visiting art galleries and exhibitions in the hope of getting that one painting that you believed would give a sense of balance to that white wall in your living room you had left blank for so long. But then, most of the well-known galleries feature works by masters that could cost more than your entire fortune. Yes, there are buyers for those works, but you aren't the one! Don't get disheartened. Not all good paintings are priced so high, all the time. Art, like any good investment, appreciates in value over time. An amateur painting by a beginner could well sell for millions, fifty years from now, when he is an established artist. Collectors would just want to have the first painting of the master when he was a 20-something struggling artist or sculptor. But how do you look out for affordable art? Art galleries don't display them, and college exhibitions and the like that feature work by amateurs or beginners never get talked about in the elite circles or feature in the newspaper listings, either. Well, there are websites for them and new concept of cafe-cum-galleries that have sprung up in the metros where you would glance across the wall for paintings while sipping your coffee. One such exhibition, Masala Mix, is now being organised at Cafe de Art in New Delhi by 1000 Words, an e-portal that deals in affordable art. Says Tejeesh Singh, founder, 1000 Words: "I started 1000 Words to bring affordable art to the masses, and Masala Mix is just a step towards bridging the gap further. We organised two successful shows last year, but realised that only a select few have access to art galleries. They can be rather intimidating for a first-time visitor. An art cafe has an informal setting that allows for greater interaction between the visitors and the artist/organiser, thereby making art accessible and affordable to many." The overheads of organising an exhibition at a cafe are just a fifth compared to that of an art gallery, which also helps in making art accessible and affordable to many. That said, any piece of art, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, will have a price range that could become a barrier for many. Adds Singh: "Would you believe if I told you that you could own an original work of contemporary Indian art for something less than your monthly fuel bill or less than the rent of a 2BHK apartment in New Delhi? Well, it is true." Well, that sounds too good to be true. Perhaps you could also drop by to have a look at Masala Mix. The exhibition started on 1 October and is on till the 15th of this month. Just check it out! (ANI)