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Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, CN Ashwath Narayan
Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, CN Ashwath Narayan

Will take legal action against baseless accusations: Karnataka Minister Ashwath Narayan lambasts Congress leaders

ANI | Updated: May 02, 2022 23:15 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 2 (ANI): Karnataka Minister for Higher Education CN Ashwath Narayan, on Monday stated that the accusations of Karnataka Congress chief President DK Shivakumar and Congress leader VS Ugrappa against him are baseless and also said that he would take legal action against 'allegations without evidence'.
The Congress leaders have intentionally plotted this at the time when Union Home Minister is arriving in the city, he alleged on Monday.
"I have not recommended any candidate to be appointed and that question did not arise at all. Those who are making allegations are indulged in making vague statements' he lambasted. Being intolerant of my pro-developmental approach Shivakumar is engaged in fabricating stories. But the truth will be revealed it they are examined and anyone is free to verify them," he challenged.

"There is no question of misuse of office either by me or my family members. However, some have lost human sensitivity after entering politics. But, It will be impossible to blemish my image", Narayan remarked.
Further, the minister said, "It is true that I have an elder brother named Sathish. But, he has not done anything. our family always stood against corruption and will remain so in the future also. Being intolerant of my transparent attitude opponents are making vain attempts to tarnish my image".
"If the accusations now made by Ugrappa were to be treated as true, then, the statement he made a few days back, calling his own party president DK Shiv Kumar an utter corrupt should also be accepted as true", Narayan lambasted.
"Congress leaders who are in utter despair have resorted to doing politics by dragging in the name of family members. But, in any situation, we (family members) do not exploit poor people. I have come for politics to serve the people", he added. (ANI)