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Will never accept Uniform Civil Code, says Abu Azmi

| Updated: Oct 13, 2016 18:17 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra), Oct 13. (ANI) : Expressing his resistance towards the latest stand taken by the Supreme Court over the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, president of the Maharashtra state branch of the Samajwadi Party (SP) Abu Azmi on Thursday said India is a democratic country and everybody has right to freedom of religion. "Uniform civil code will never be accepted because India is a democratic country and everyone has a right to freedom of religion," he said. "I do not accept that the government will change the norms of religion and replace it with their laws," he added Azmi also added that if the government will make its own rule then he would not accept it, adding that neither Muslims or nor Hindus would accept any enforcement done by the government in the sayings inscribed in their holy book. "I can guarantee you that nobody will tolerate this in the country," Azmi told ANI. The need to bring in the uniform civil code has been growing after women activists sought judicial intervention to ban triple talaq system and polygamy. The Law Commission on Friday has sought public opinion on the exercise of reforming family laws of all religions. The commission has reportedly appealed to members of religious, minority and social groups, non-government organisations, to present their views through a questionnaire on a range of issues, including the practice of triple talaq, the right to property for a woman citizen and polygamy. However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has been defending the triple talaq system and termed the filing of the affidavit as 'un-islamic.' They claim that triple talaq is a personal law and the Centre has no right to modify it.(ANI)