BJP leader Roopa Ganguly talkin to ANI in Kolkata on Thursday. Photo/ANI
BJP leader Roopa Ganguly talkin to ANI in Kolkata on Thursday. Photo/ANI

WB: BJP would have won over 30 seats if TMC had not resorted to violence, says Roopa Ganguly

ANI | Updated: May 23, 2019 10:44 IST

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], May 23 (ANI): BJP leader Roopa Ganguly on Thursday said that BJP would have won more seats in West Bengal had Trinamool Congress (TMC) not resorted to violence and pressurise the masses in all the seven phases of elections in the state.
"People are tired of Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal. Had the elections been held in a fair manner BJP would have won more than 30 seats here that is what Banerjee was afraid of, hence the violence in all seven phases," Ganguly told ANI here.
She asserted that BJP was afraid for the security of people in those constituencies where BJP performed exceptionally but could not secure a win because of TMC's goons.
"This is an election and there is no second winner here. We are afraid for the people from the places where BJP would not win despite performing well. I am afraid there could be a new surge of violence (by TMC) in those areas, it would be great for the safety of the people of the state if BJP takes a late lead in majority seats," she said.
Ganguly sounded confident that BJP will take back all the states where it had lost or not been able to form government in the assembly elections held recently. She said that assembly and general elections were a different ball game and it would reflect in the results this time.
"Have a look at Karnataka, BJP is leading as of now in the majority of the seats there and it will continue like this. In the assembly elections there BJP had won majority seats but we didn't form the government, the people are wholeheartedly in BJP's favour this time."
"Likewise, in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh a few seats might be lost, but in total, we will clean sweep these states. We will do well in the Hindi heartland states, as usual, no doubts should be there about our victory," she said.
NDA has taken the lead in 316 seats while UPA is winning on 101 seats while SP-BSP and other parties combined are in front on 105 seats as per the latest data from Election Commission. (ANI)