Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid (File photo)
Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid (File photo)

'Trust, allegiance cannot be confidential', Salman Khurshid's veiled jibe on Sachin Pilot, Scindia

ANI | Updated: Jul 15, 2020 22:01 IST

New Delhi [India], July 15 (ANI): Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Rajasthan, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Wednesday took a veiled jibe at former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot and BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia, stating that "trust and allegiance cannot be confidential, it is there or it is not".
While Pilot was sacked as Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister and Pradesh Congress Committee chief by the Congress, Scindia left the Congress to join the BJP.
Khurshid said that many colleagues of his party have become leaders due to the "generous support" of the top leadership.
"Interesting that many of our colleagues have become 'leaders' because of the generous support of top leadership and demand more support because of being 'leaders'. Trust and allegiance cannot be conditional. It is there or it is not," Khurshid's tweet read.
"Family disputes should be easy to mend but are sometimes worse for being in the family. Respect and affection is legitimate expectation but demanding constant physical proof undermines the basis of relationship. Have to be human first and trader later," he added in a subsequent tweet.
Earlier in the day, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh had also launched a scathing attack on Scindia and Pilot, accusing the duo of abandoning the party after it gave them everything.
"I am saddened by these developments. These youngsters were given everything by the Congress party. They don't have patience," Singh told reporters.
"Jyotiraditya received the same respect as his father Madhavrao Scindia in the Congress party. He (Jyotiraditya) was given key positions and offered several others as well. He shook hands with the enemy after being defeated by them. We did not expect this. The same is being done by Sachin Pilot," Singh said.
Singh said that the Congress made Sachin Pilot a Member of Parliament (MP) at the young age of 27 and inducted him in the Central Cabinet.
Yesterday, Pilot was sacked as Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister and Pradesh Congress Committee chief by the party. The decision to sack him was taken at a CLP meeting where as many as 102 MLAs unanimously demanded that Pilot be removed.
"He was also made Rajasthan PCC president and Deputy Chief Minister. How old is he? Merely 37-38 years old. Have some patience. How many people are there who have climbed the political ladder so quickly?" the Congress leader asked.
In March this year, Scindia left the Congress to join the BJP. Later, 22 Congress MLAs resigned, which led to the toppling of the Kamal Nath government and paved the way for Shivraj Singh Chouhan to become the Chief Minister again.
Scindia was later elected to the Upper House of the Parliament from the BJP. (ANI)