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Tell Pakistan reining in terrorists is in their interest: Congress

| Updated: Oct 09, 2016 14:08 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct. 9 (ANI): As army officials yesterday confirmed that four more Pakistan-based terrorists had been eliminated on the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir's Naugam sector on October 6 and that Pakistan Ordinance Factory-made hand grenades and UBGL grenades had been seized, confirming Pakistan's complicity in abetting and equipping terror modules, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar on Sunday said India needs to talk to Islamabad and convince the latter that it is in their interest to rein in the terrorists. "I don't think that we need to wait for the Naugam operation to know that there are terrorist organisations in Pakistan that are sending terrorists across to India. What I think we need to do is to talk to Pakistan so that it becomes a Pakistani interest to rein these people in," the former diplomat-turned politician told ANI. "But if we have so much tension with Pakistan, and we keep aggravating this tension and we keep trying to bring the world around to isolating Pakistan, I can see no incentive for them in reining in these terrorists," said the Congress leader," he added. "We are in a serious problem with these terrorists coming into India, but I am not sure that the steps we have been taking to counter this are really giving us result that we want, which is an end to terrorism," Aiyar said further. Army officials on Saturday said, "Pakistan Ordinance Factory made hand grenades and UBGL grenades were seized from the terrorists that confirms Pakistan's complicity in abetting, equipping terror." "Pakistan origin markings are also seen on the medicines and eatable items recovered," an army spokesman added. (ANI)