Telangana Health Minister Harish Rao (Photo/ANI)
Telangana Health Minister Harish Rao (Photo/ANI)

Telangana Health Min accuses Kishan Reddy of spreading 'false information' regarding medical colleges

ANI | Updated: Nov 12, 2021 03:10 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], November 12 (ANI): Telangana Health Minister Harish Rao on Thursday accused Union Minister G Kishan Reddy of spreading "false information" regarding the medical colleges in the state and demanded an apology from him.
Reacting to Kishan Reddy's allegation, Harish Rao said "Kishan Reddy said that the building was not given to AIIMS, but the Telangana government has given the building along with the land".
"Bibinagar AIIMS had been given 201 acres of land a year and a half ago and the building constructed by the state government was also handed over to the Centre like nowhere else in the country," he added.
Rao demanded that the Union Minister should unconditionally apologize for being a liar. "It would be absurd to speak with false information."
The Health Minister also said that he has "not been contacted for medical colleges."
He said that "it is not right to do mudslinging politics on the state government. According to the State Reorganization Act, AIIMS was granted to Telangana. Kishan Reddy was challenged to bring the Baiyaram steel factory. If you love the people of Telangana, you will implement immediately the guarantees of the state reorganization act. If he really loves Telangana, he should bring 10 medical colleges."
The minister further said that 23 medical colleges were given to Rajasthan, 12 to Madhya Pradesh, 12 to West Bengal and 11 to Tamil Nadu, but only one to Telangana. He recalled that only two medical colleges had come up in the joint state in 60 years.
Earlier on Wednesday, Minister Kishan Reddy alleged the Telangana government of spreading false propaganda in the case of medical colleges.
Reddy further alleged that no information has been received from the state government regarding the letter sent by the Centre on the setting up of medical colleges. (ANI)