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Second unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant to break ground soon

| Updated: Jan 27, 2017 13:59 IST

Chennai [India], Jan. 27 (ANI): In Tamil Nadu, the second unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant will soon start commercial generation of power, according to its Site Director RS Sundar. The second unit attained its full power generation capacity of 1000 Mega watt last week. The commercial generation of power in the second unit of Kudankulam nuclear plant will be a historic moment in our nuclear power history. Till now 13,197 million units of electricity has been generated in the first unit of Kudankulam fetching Rs 1000 crore revenue for the unit. The nuclear power generation has gone up to 6,780 mega watt in the country with power generation in the second unit. The 1000 Mega watt Kudankulam nuclear power plant was built with Russian expertise in November 1988. (ANI)