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BJP National Spokesperson Sambit Patra (Photo/ANI)
BJP National Spokesperson Sambit Patra (Photo/ANI)

Sambit Patra hits out to Sisodia, alleges AAP leaders resorting to "Jashn-e-Bhrashtachaar"

ANI | Updated: Oct 18, 2022 01:58 IST

New Delhi [India], October 18 (ANI): Bhartiya Janta Party national spokesperson Sambit Patra on Monday lashed out at Manish Sisodia in a furious reply to Deputy CM's allegations on linking the CBI interrogation to 'operation lotus'.
While replying to Sisodia's statement post-CBI interrogation, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra told ANI that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, both are looking for an opportunity in politics in the disaster of corruption.
Sambit Patra terms Manish Sisodia corrupt, calling his statement, "Jashn-e-Bhrashtachaar".
Asked about Sisodia's denying the allegations of irregularities in the 'Delhi Excise Policy', Patra said, "Have you ever seen someone committing the crime after coming out of the interrogation."
Patra responding to Sisodia's allegations of linking the CBI interrogation to 'operation lotus' said, "This operation is called 'Operation Non-Cooperation'. " Being an independent authority no one knows what the CBI has asked Sisodia during interrogation. But, CBI must have asked him Why the Excise Policy was reverted? Why was Delhi Ex-chequer bearing loss because of this 'Excise Policy'? Why you made such a policy with no cabinet approval?", he added.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia left the CBI headquarters in the national capital on Monday after nine hours of questioning in the excise policy case.
He was summoned by the Central agency following which the Aam Aadmi Party took out a rally in support of Manish Sisodia on the way to CBI headquarters earlier today.
Speaking to the media at his residence, Sisodia alleged that the case against him was intended not to probe any scam but to "make Operation Lotus successful in Delhi".
"Today I saw in the CBI office that there's no issue of any scam (excise policy case). The whole case is fake. I understood all that in the 9 hour-questioning today. The case isn't to probe any scam against me, but to make Operation Lotus successful in Delhi," he alleged.
Sisodia further claimed that he was asked inside the CBI office to leave AAP and said that he was offered to be made the Chief Minister.
Replying to which Patra further said that during the 9 hours of interrogation CBI must have asked Manish about the irregularities. "Batao Mota Maal Kaha Hai?", Patra said while talking to ANI.
"They both (Sisodia and Kejriwal) are looking for an opportunity in politics in the disaster of corruption. This is a Jashn-e-Bhrashtachaar", Patra underlined. Adding that Kejriwal and Sisodia are trying to convert a vice into a victory. (ANI)