Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi. (file/photo)
Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi. (file/photo)

Punjab CM Channi assails captain Amarinder Singh for "myopic mindset" towards weaker sections

ANI | Updated: Dec 03, 2021 22:35 IST

Pathankot (Punjab) [India], December 3 (ANI): Slamming the former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh for possessing a "myopic mindset" towards the poor and common man, Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi on Friday said that Singh targeted him because he had raised issues of the common man.
Addressing a public gathering, Channi said that as he comes from a family with a humble background so he always impressed upon the former Chief Minister to safeguard the interests of the common man.
Channi alleged that instead of resolving the issues to give reprieve to the poor and downtrodden, Singh started "victimizing" him. Channi further alleged that but he continued his struggle for the common and underprivileged masses due to which Singh was ousted by the Congress party.
The Chief Minister said, "Only Congress can take a revolutionary decision to oust a Maharaja and bestow the responsibility of CM to a common man. This revolution can sustain only if all the common and needy people stand united to support Congress. However, CM Channi categorically said that the powerful elite class is conniving to destabilize this common man's government by dividing the poor into sectarian lines."
Lashing out at Akalis, BJP and Amarinder, the Chief Minister said that they are partners in crime against the people of Punjab. He said that the trio of Modi, Badal and Captain had connived to pass anti-farm laws for jeopardizing the interests of the state.
Channi said that Akalis are mothers of this anti-farm law as they had passed the bill on contract farming in the Punjab assembly in 2013, which later became the basis of the draconian farm laws adding that they were hand in glove with BJP to pass these black laws in Parliament.
The Chief Minister further said that an elite and unholy nexus of politicians across party lines had eluded power from a common man just to loot Punjab. He said that the members of this elite group like Badals and Captain have a common bond in form of their own vested interests and plundered the state adding that they have been willfully doing this so by enjoying the fruits of power in the game of musical chairs where the ruler changes after every five years but power remains in their hands. However, CM Channi said that now this nexus has been broken and the power is with the common man.
The Chief Minister said, "As he has himself faced the hardships so he is well aware of the woes of the common man. CM Channi said that due to this reason only he is ensuring optimal utilisation of all government funds for well being of the poor and common man. He said that this duty will continue till he is on this seat."

Slamming Aam Aadmi Party Supremo Mr Arvind Kejriwal for little knowledge about state, Chief Minister said that Delhi Chief Minister is groping in dark for fulfilling his lust for power. He said that besides being an outsider Kejriwal is a rumour monger who knows nothing about the state but pokes his nose in everything. CM Channi said that such a type of cheap politics will never be successful in the state.
The Chief Minister said that Kejriwal is a power greedy outsider, who desires to rule Punjab due to which he is trying to mislead Punjabis. He unequivocally said that Kejriwal and company must remember one thing that history is witness to the fact that Punjabis love their land and people adding that neither they had ever allowed nor they will permit any outsider in future to rule their state. Channi said that the Kejriwal government has failed in Delhi whereas Congress is delivering its best to people.
The Chief Minister said that he was fortunate that Congress leadership has bestowed him this service to serve the state.
"I am working to resolve the issues that are faced by every common man of the state. Listing the several pro-people initiatives taken by his government. Power bill arrears worth Rs. 1500 crore have been waived, Power rates for domestic consumers have been reduced by Rs. 3 per unit, Bills to the tune of Rs. 1200 crore have been waived off in respect of motors in rural areas, water charges brought down to Rs. 50, Rates for sand have been reduced to Rs. 5.50 per cubic feet and Punjab Government is bearing Rs. 35 as part of cost-sharing out of increased Rs. 50 of Sugarcane prices while the private mills now only have to bear Rs. 15. Not only this but several other path-breaking decisions will be taken in coming days too," said Channi.
Striking an emotional chord with residents of Border areas, the Chief Minister said that though brave hearts reside in this area then also successive state governments have ignored them. He said that this area will be developed holistically by pumping in resources here and development will be accelerated at par with the areas that have witnessed growth under Badals and Maharaja.
"It is my promise border areas will witness unprecedented development in recent times" added Channi.
Meanwhile, the Chief Minister announced Medical College at Pathankot, declaring Bhoa as an administrative block, upgrading Narot Jaimal Singh hospital and providing the suitable land for the building of Sant Baba Nabha Dass.
Earlier, the Chief Minister paid obeisance at Gurdwara Barth Sahib where he was honoured with siropa (robe of honour). CM Channi also dedicated a sports stadium to masses at village Bani Lodhi and also dedicated 66 KV power station at village Laahdi Mahanta.
On the occasion, MLA Amit Vij, former Minister Raman Bhalla, Congress leader Ashok Wadhera, others were also present on the occasion. (ANI)