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Plastic rice found in Uttarakhand's Udham Singh Nagar

| Updated: Jun 12, 2017 00:40 IST

Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand) [India], June 11 (ANI): Yet another case of plastic rice in Uttarakhand has been witnessed. Purshottam Verma of Udham Singh Nagar's Kashipur had purchased a branded company's rice packet, which turned out to be mixed with plastic rice after cooking. Verma and his family made a ball of the plastic rice. The incident was reported to the rice traders. The people who went to their house noted that the ball made of plastic rice was bouncing like a rubber ball. The matter soon reached the district administration and food department. The food department collected the cooked and uncooked sample of rice from the Verma's house for further examination. The department also collected rice samples from local markets. The local traders demand a strict probe into the matter as it concerns the public health. The food department has said that an investigation would be done based on the reports of the examination. Earlier this week, plastic rice was found in the state's Haldwani district. When the Pal family bought rice from a confectionery, they found a variation in the taste. The matter came to light when a video of children playing with a ball made up of plastic rice went viral. "A team has been constituted and along with officials of food security department and municipal corporation we will conduct raid. Strict action will be taken," City Magistrate K. K. Mishra said.(ANI)