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Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan (L) and PCC Chief Kamal Nath (R) (Photo/ANI)
Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan (L) and PCC Chief Kamal Nath (R) (Photo/ANI)

MP: CM Chouhan asks Nath whether he gave single rupee to farmers under insurance scheme; Nath reacts

ANI | Updated: Jan 31, 2023 16:58 IST

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], January 31 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has continued shooting his questions to former Chief Minister and Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) Chief Kamal Nath about his promissory note during the Congress-led government which was in power for 15 months.
CM Chouhan on Tuesday said, "Today I am asking one more question from Nath: you had said about the Kisan Fasal Bima Yojana (Farmer Crop Insurance Scheme) that on the recommendation of the gram sabha, the benefit of the insurance would be given to the farmers. Crops get damaged so many times, did you take the recommendation of the Gram Sabha? When crops were damaged during your tenure due to excessive rains, floods, cold, etc, did you give even a single penny under crop insurance scheme?"
He added that Nath had made such a base in the Yojana that the farmer did not get the money. "In the last two years we have deposited Rs 17,000 crores in the farmer's account under the Kisan Fasal Bima Yojana, what did you give?" Chouhan asked.

The Chief Minister also said, "Kamal Nath ji is repeatedly saying that I lie, but I have a bundle of his lies, that is his promissory note. You (Nath) lied, you cheated and you misled. You have not fulfilled even a single promise in 15 months."
"Which promise has been fulfilled, tell me? Now you have come out to cheat people, we will not let this game of cheating go on here. I am saying that you (Nath) are lying, you said so many things but did not fulfil even a single one and you call me a liar. You will have to answer in the public court," Chouhan said.
Reacting to CM Chouhan's reamark, Kamal Nath again wrote on twitter on Tuesday, "Shivraj ji, some people lie so much that even the lie gets ashamed. In Mandsaur, the people of the party who shot at farmers, made laws from the centre to grab the land of the farmers, crushed the children of the farmers with their vehicles, are shedding crocodile tears these days."
"I ask you (Chouhan) the question that in your vision paper you had promised that you will ensure 100% procurement of pulses. Is your government buying 100% pulses from farmers? Leave the meaningless rhetoric, look at the farmers and fulfil the promise you had made to them," he further wrote.
Nath also appealed to farmers that they should not worry. "The film starring Shivraj ji has six more months left, after that we all will follow the path of truth and make golden Madhya Pradesh," he added. (ANI)