BJP MLA  Rameshwar Sharma (File photo/ANI)
BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma (File photo/ANI)

MP: BJP MLA writes to Chief Minister urging stop of sale of chicken and milk from same outlets

ANI | Updated: Sep 14, 2019 21:21 IST

Huzur (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Sept 14 (ANI): BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma on Saturday wrote to Chief Minister Kamal Nath urging him to discontinue the Madhya Pradesh government's move to sell chicken and milk from the same outlet.
"I am with the government in their efforts to increase purity and also welcome the efforts of the government to give employment to tribals, but selling pure cow milk at a meat shop is wrong," the letter stated.
Sharma further urged the government to stop the practice by keeping sensibilities of Hindus in mind.
"Milk holds a special place in rituals of Hinduism, Jainism, Sanatan Dharma and Buddhism. Milk, a symbol of purity, is offered to god and also widely consumed in fasts. Keeping the sensibilities of Hindus in mind, I request you to stop the sale of milk and meat from the same outlet," he said.
Voicing his opposition on Friday, Sharma told ANI, "This is hurting the religious sentiment of people. Milk parlours and chicken parlour should be given to two different traders and shops should be opened at some distance from each other."
The state government had recently started the project of selling Kadaknath chicken at milk outlets to increase the earnings of women from tribal society. An outlet as a pilot project has been opened in Bhopal's Vaishali Nagar. (ANI)