Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally at Nashik on Thursday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally at Nashik on Thursday.

Modi targets Sharad Pawar over remarks on Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Sep 19, 2019 19:55 IST

Nashik (Maharashtra), Sep 19 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday targeted NCP leader Sharad Pawar over his remarks on Pakistan as he also attacked the Congress over statements of its leaders following the Centre's decision to repeal Article 370.
Modi, who addressed a rally in the election-bound Maharashtra at the culmination of Maha Janadesh Yatra, said people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh were looking at new opportunities but members of the opposition were looking at their political "self-interest".
He said the entire country is one that the "big decision" is implemented properly and with least difficulty.
Modi said while people across various sections were united about the decision, the kind of behaviour and cooperation expected of Congress and NCP leaders was not visible.
He said there is a need to identify leaders whose remarks are misused as a tool to defame India.
"They can criticise the government, they can crticise me, Devendraji but saying things which become a tool of misinformation in the hands of sponsors of terrorism and India is attacked on this basis abroad, it is very unfortunate. There is a need to identify such people," Modi said.
Pakistan had sought to use remarks of Rahul Gandhi about Jammu and Kashmir in its petition but the Congress leader had hit back, saying that Islamabad was responsible for violence in Jammu and Kashmir and no country could interfere in India's internal matter.
Modi said he can understand the "confusion" of Congress
"But Sharad experienced leader like you...makes wrong statement for a few votes, it pains a lot," he said.
Without naming Pakistan, Modi said the entire world knows where is the terror factory and from where does pictures of atrocities and exploitation come.
"Sharad Pawar finds neighbouring country good, it is his view. He finds their rulers welfare-oriented, it is his assessment. But entire Maharashtra knows, the entire country knows, the world knows where the factory of terror is and from where does the pictures of atrocities and exploitation come," he said.
Pawar had said that statements like people of Pakistan were unhappy are being made only for political gains without understanding the actual situation in Pakistan. He had later clarified on his remarks and said he never praised Pakistan government.
Modi said parties lose and win elections but it was everybody's responsibility to make the country win.
The Prime Minister said Maharashtra had given birth to Shivaji who made a resolve and sacrificed everything for the country. He said the state had also given birth to Veer Savarkar who bore torture with smile for India's freedom and to B R Ambedkar. (ANI)