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Rajagopal Reddy (File Photo/ANI)
Rajagopal Reddy (File Photo/ANI)

MLA Rajagopal lashes out at TPCC chief Revanth Reddy after resigning from party, says Congress has become weak

ANI | Updated: Aug 03, 2022 23:53 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], August 3 (ANI): Congress MLA Rajagopal on Wednesday lashed out at Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) chief Revanth Reddy after resigning from the party and said that Congress has become weak.
BJP has invited Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy to join the party.
Rajagopal while talking to ANI stated, "I have resigned from the Congress party and will see what to do next, we will talk to the Mungodu constituency leaders and people and decide. The democracy system has collapsed in Telangana by KCR and is run by family rule."

"I am not against Sonia Gandhi, but in the country, the congress party has become weak, we got the Telangana state where 1,400 people died. We took the decision to save the state. To end the family rule, I left the Congress party to bring the democratic system and this will happen with BJP and it is at the Centre also. I will talk to leaders and people of the Mungodu constituency and decide to join the party (BJP)," he added.
He further said that "Revanth Reddy is a thief and gave money to get the TPCC chief post, he went to jail in Note for a vote and we don't do anything like that. We live for people and fought for Telangana," he stated.
BJP MLA Etela Rajender while speaking with ANI stated, "In the Telangana region, KCR is trying to suppress the rights of opposition MLAs. Wherever opposition party MLAs are winning, there is no development. Again and again, requests are being put by MLAs that are not happening. Secondly in this state, the rule of pride and the rule of injustice is happening, in this regards Whatever Rajgopal reddy has done is right."
BJP National Vice President DK Aruna said, "Since long, he wanted to join the BJP, as wanted to work under the leadership of Narendra Modi, as he was elected by Congress, he was not happy with the party nationally or state level. Congress lost confidence in the country and state."
"TRS government who didn't fulfill the aspirations of Telangana people and that is possible only by the Narendra Modi government and the BJP government should be formed and then only will people gain confidence. All the people are looking at the BJP. So Rajagopal is a strong leader from his district, so he decided to join the party and gave his resignation," he added. (ANI)