BJP West Bengal president Dilip Ghosh speaking to ANI in Siliguri on Tuesday.
BJP West Bengal president Dilip Ghosh speaking to ANI in Siliguri on Tuesday.

Mamata should take responsibility over NRC 'panic' deaths: Dilip Ghosh

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2019 14:55 IST

Siliguri/Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Sept 24 (ANI): West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday accused Trinamool Congress (TMC) of creating fear among people over National Register of Citizens (NRC) and said if someone dies due to panic over the NRC then Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee should take responsibility for it.
Speaking to ANI in Siliguri about Banerjee's claim that six people died in West Bengal due to panic over NRC, he said, "Who has created this fear. Mamata Banerjee is conducting rallies in different parts of the state. The TMC is creating fear in people. If anybody dies due to NRC then Mamata Banerjee should take responsibility for that."
"When demonetisation happened then whenever someone died, whether due to accident or any other natural hazard, the blame was put on demonetisation...Now even if someone dies of dengue then it is linked with NRC. When there is no issue of NRC in Bengal, which is also accepted by Mamata herself, then why there is talk of death due to NRC," he said.
Ghosh added, "The TMC is creating fear among the people, they want those who have joined the BJP to come back to their party and that is why they are creating an atmosphere of fear. But people of Bengal are not foolish to believe in the TMC."
Speaking on the issue, BJP National Secretary Rahul Sinha on Monday said, "Six people who died, did not die due to NRC. They died due to their family reasons."
"The panic related to NRC was spread by Mamata Banerjee. She took out rallies against it. So she should take responsibility for any deaths due to fear of NRC in Bengal as she and her party have created an atmosphere of fear related to NRC," Sinha said.
The BJP National Secretary said, "Mamata went to Assam and instigated people there. When she went to Delhi recently, she said that NRC is not an issue in West Bengal. If this is the case, then why did she pass a resolution in the state assembly against the implementation of the NRC."
He also said, "We want to say that no Hindu needs to fear even if he did not have his name in NRC. Hindus have the right to live in India. Indian Muslims also need not fear."
"NRC is for only those Muslims, who have or are coming to India for from Bangladesh and other nations," he added.
On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said that six people have died due to panic created over NRC and had asserted the exercise will not be implemented in the state. (ANI)