BJP West Bengal President BJP Dilip Ghosh. (Photo/ANI)
BJP West Bengal President BJP Dilip Ghosh. (Photo/ANI)

Dilip Ghosh slams Mamata Banerjee over commission to probe Pegasus issue, calls it 'drama' to divert people's attention

ANI | Updated: Jul 26, 2021 22:14 IST

New Delhi [India], July 26 (ANI): After West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the formation of a commission to probe alleged snooping using the Pegasus spyware, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh on Monday termed it is a 'drama' to divert people's attention from the problems of the state.
Speaking to ANI, Ghosh said that this commission does not have any justification in the matter.
"Mamta Banerjee has talked about the formation of a commission in the Pegasus case, there is no justification for this. I do not know how far the jurisdiction of this commission will be, whether it will come to Delhi for inquiry or go to Israel (Pegasus spyware is owned by an Israel-based firm). This is only drama and eyewash. All this drama is happening to divert people's eyes from the problem of Bengal. Neither there is any justification for it nor do they have any right," he said.
"Before this, there have been allegations against this government many times. Leaders of his party have made allegations that none of his party leaders talks without WhatsApp, so what is the meaning of commission in such a situation, it is only drama and nothing else," he added.
Earlier in the day, Mamata Banerjee announced that the West Bengal government has formed a commission to investigate the alleged snooping issue, stating that the Centre failed to order a probe into the matter.
Responding to Banerjee's remarks, Ghosh asked the government has given its clarification on the issue and it has nothing to do with it.
Ghosh said, "Why will the central government investigate? Mamta Banerjee will say anything and will the government run after her? The government has given its clarification from its side. There is no justification for this, it has no meaning. The government has nothing to do with this."
"Mamta Banerjee has come from Congress. It has been a tradition of Congress to spy on its party and people since the time of Indira Gandhi. Mamata Banerjee has also put a spy behind every leader of her party. When Mukul Roy came to our party, he went to the court saying that his phone is being tapped. The allegations are against her and she is trying to impose it on us. It seems like a waste of time, nothing but a waste of time," he added.
Asked about Banerjee's Delhi visit to prepare the Opposition's strategy for 2024, Ghosh said that she is unable to handle West Bengal and how she will manage the country.
"Those who are unable to handle Bengal, how will they handle the country? It is true that there is no leader in the country equal to Modi ji, so she is coming to fulfil that place.
Hitting out at the Trinamool Congress chief over violence and corruption, the BJP leader said the Mamata Banerjee government failed to provide jobs to people of West Bengal and they had to go to other states in search of livelihood.
"There are about 5 lakh posts vacant in the Bengal government. There is a financial crunch. They are coming to ask for money from Modi Ji and at the same time trying to keep people confused. Young people of Bengal have to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka for jobs. No work is being done; there is syndicate and cut money system. Mamata Banerjee is coming to Delhi as she is upset with all of this," he said.
"Even before this, in 2019, she had tried but lost 12 of her seats. Many leaders who were MPs and participated in rallies are not visible in the Lok Sabha today. The people of the country are aware that their representatives have not even reached the Lok Sabha. They know that they can only win by beating in Bengal, it is not possible in the country because Modi Ji is there. The people of the country have faith in Modi ji. They are not ready to look around for anyone else," he added. (ANI)