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PM Modi addressing a election rally at Bankura on Thursday
PM Modi addressing a election rally at Bankura on Thursday

"Can gulp down abuses in all dictionaries of the world": PM's comeback at Mamata Banerjee

ANI | Updated: May 09, 2019 12:14 IST

Bankura (West Bengal) [India], May 9 (ANI): Answering Mamata Banerjee's continued attacks, Narendra Modi on Thursday said that that he is "immune" to her tirade and can gulp down all the abuses in dictionaries all over the world. Addressing an election rally, he accused the Chief Minister of insulting the Constitution as she refuses to accept him as Prime Minister but takes pride in acknowledging the post of Pakistan's Prime Minister.
"Didi is so worried that she talks about sending stones and slapping me. Didi, I am immune to these abuses and am used to them. I can digest all the abuses that are there in the dictionaries all over the world," Narendra Modi said.
This election has witnessed a bitter exchange of words between the two leaders, Modi's comments come after Banerjee expressed the want of giving him a "tight slap of democracy" after the Prime Minister accused her party of being 'tolabaaz' (toll collector).
"Didi is insulting the Constitution of the country, she is publicly saying that she is not ready to accept the Prime Minister of India as Prime Minister, while she takes pride in accepting Pakistan's Prime Minister as the Prime Minister," Modi said at the rally in Bankura.
The rivalry between BJP and TMC has been the talking point in West Bengal politics with the workers of both party's clashing on several occasions. During his campaign, Modi alleged that the TMC government made efforts to stop his rally, but failed.
"The TMC government here put all its weight to stop the BJP rally, but who can stop me from coming to you as your blessings are upon me," the Prime Minister said.
Accusing Banerjee of ruining West Bengal, Modi claimed that she is only concerned with her interest and in securing power.
"Mamata Banerjee ruined West Bengal in the arrogance of governance, now she is ruining it more after realizing that it is slipping out of her hands. She is not at all concerned with 'maa, mati, manus' but rather concerned with her own interest, of her chair, of her relatives, of her nephew and 'tolabazzs' (toll collectors)," he said.
Modi said that Banerjee did not receive his calls after cyclonic storm Fani hit the state.
"When cyclone came in West Bengal, I called 'didi' again and again, but because of her ego, she didn't think it was appropriate to talk to Prime Minister. Central government wanted to talk with the officers here and help the state, but 'didi' refused to even hold that meeting," Modi said.
The Lok Sabha constituency of Bankura will vote on May 12, while votes will be counted on May 23. (ANI)