CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat (File photo)
CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat (File photo)

Brinda Karat blames BJP's Kapil Mishra for Delhi violence, demands his arrest

ANI | Updated: Feb 26, 2020 04:22 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 26 (ANI): CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat on Tuesday wrote to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, blaming BJP leader Kapil Mishra for the violence in northeast Delhi and demanded his arrest as he had made an "open call to forcibly remove protesters" from various sites.
In a letter to Shah, Karat condemned those responsible for the death of the police constable and for the violence in Delhi. She also sought an appointment to meet the Home Minister.
"The tragic death of a police constable and the death of six citizens in the shocking incidents of violence in the capital are of deep concern. We strongly condemn those responsible for the death of the police constable and for the violence in Delhi. The Delhi police and related agencies are under the control of your ministry and therefore, we are addressing this letter to you," Karat wrote to Shah.
She said the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), led mainly by women, have been peaceful for the last two months and there were no instances of violence in Delhi "except those incidents of firing at the protesters by men who were incited to violence by a minister in the central government."
Karat said police and intelligence should have taken to efforts to prevent such situation as certain elements were trying to disrupt the peaceful protests and give a communal colour.

"This should have alerted the police and intelligence agencies to efforts being made by certain elements to disrupt the peaceful protests and give a communal colour to them. However, either the intelligence agencies failed or their reports were ignored," she said, adding that that the need of the hour was an "impartial and just intervention" to ensure peace in the national capital.
Seeking action against BJP leader Mishra, she said: "Your intervention for peace will allay apprehensions among the public that the incidents of the last two days are 'Badla' [revenge] against the people of Delhi for the election results. In this context, action against Kapil Mishra will bring confidence to the people that you are indeed taking impartial steps for peace and against troublemakers. All those involved in spreading hatred and violence, regardless of their political connections and colour, should be arrested."
On Tuesday, BJP MP Gautam Gambhir also called for stringent action against Mishra, for making inflammatory statements.
On Sunday, Mishra had issued an ultimatum to the Delhi Police to clear the streets of the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protesters.
Mishra tweeted (roughly translated from Hindi) stating, "Giving a three-day ultimatum to Delhi Police to clear the roads in Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh of protesters. Don't try to reason with us after this, because we won't pay heed."
He also attached a video with his tweet and wrote, "We will maintain peace until Donald Trump is in India. After that, we refuse to listen to even the police if the roads are not cleared.... we will be forced to hit the streets."
At least 13 persons have so far died and around 190 injured in the violence that erupted in North-East Delhi on Monday. (ANI)