BJP Punjab in-charge Dushyant Gautam (File Photo)
BJP Punjab in-charge Dushyant Gautam (File Photo)

BJP 'respects' Amarinder Singh's feeling for country, says nation comes first for all of us

ANI | Updated: Sep 19, 2021 18:44 IST

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], September 19 (ANI): After Captain Amarinder Singh levelled 'anti-national' allegations against Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) appreciated the former Punjab chief minister's dedication towards the country and said that nation comes first for him too.
"His dedication for the country is respectable. What is said is true; for us all, the nation comes first and party second. Whatever Captain said is right, I appreciate his feelings for the country," BJP Punjab in charge, Dushyant Gautam said during a telephonic interview with ANI.
Amarinder Singh had written a letter to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi stating that the political development in the state should not damage the "hard-earned peace and development" in Punjab.
Calling the resignation an "internal matter" of the party, Gautam said, "The saddest thing about it is, what Amarinder Singh said about Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu. For a Chief Minister to say that he is afraid of Punjab Congress chief's relationship with anti-national forces, Pakistan's President and Bajwa, it threatens the unity and integrity of the country and is very unfortunate."
"I think it should be investigated and information about the same should come into the public. How will the country run like this if the people of political parties like Congress conspire with those sitting in Pakistan and makes plan against our Prime Minister? By doing all these things, he (Sidhu) becomes a hero on Pakistan TV. It is very sad for the people of the country, we should take this into consideration," he added.

Further, commenting on how Amarinder Singh first expressed confidence in the party for choosing a competent CM candidate for Punjab and later objecting on the potential choice of Navjot Singh Sidhu for the same, Gautam said that it is his compulsion to show faith in the party.
"The way Congress is running, they have no policies, no ideas, no institution. Congress is happy even with zero majority; they do not know what to do, it has come down to a national dilemma. Their leaders are also saying this out of compulsion," said Gautam.
He also commented on Shashi Tharoor's comment of the need for a permanent president for Congress and said, "Only one family can run Congress party. He (Rahul Gandhi) doesn't care about the party. He has come to exploit the country."
Meanwhile, BJP's National General Secretary Tarun Chugh said Congress has failed to fulfil their promises in the last 4.5 years and that their Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has also failed. "Congress is experimenting now and that experiment is not going to work," he said.
Commenting on Singh's comment of how anti-national activities are a threat to any country, Chugh said, "Imran Khan is Sidhu's friend, and Rahul Gandhi likes only pro-Pakistan people." (ANI)