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BJP Rajya Sabha MP KJ Alphons. (File photo)
BJP Rajya Sabha MP KJ Alphons. (File photo)

BJP MP KJ Alphons dismayed over rising radicalisation in Kerala

ANI | Updated: May 29, 2022 05:25 IST

New Delhi [India], May 29 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rajya Sabha MP KJ Alphons on Saturday claimed that there are some districts in Kerala where one feels "like Saudi Arabia" and anti-national thinking originates from a certain "dress code".
Expressing concern about the growing radicalization in Kerala, Alphons said, "In Kerala, we see a radical shift towards radical Islam. It's extremely sad. If you go to some district in Kerala, you would feel as if you're in Saudi Arabia. I don't have a problem with the looks, the problem is the change in attitudes. The kind of anti-national thinking that comes with that dress code."
Talking about Kerala High Court directing police to take appropriate action against PFI in connection with the alleged provocative sloganeering, Alphons said, "Finally the High court has directed the Kerala government against the organizers. Any person who is an organizer is responsible for whatever happens in the rally. The kid, of course, is a terrorist kid to say the least he and his family also just disappeared."

In the viral video from a PFI rally in Alappuzha, a boy was seen raising the slogan that "Hindus should keep rice for their last rites and Christians should keep incense for their last rites. If you live decently, you can live in our land and if you don't live decently, we know Azadi (freedom). Live decently, decently, decently."
This came as a direct threat to the Hindu and Christian population living in Kerala, with PFI warning the death penalty if they don't fall in line.
"Communist government, as well as the Congress government, is so dependent on these radical Muslim elements for votes", Alphons added.
Earlier, he also said that Kerala is the "hub of terrorism."
"The major recruitment for terrorism is from Kerala, and SDPI and PFI target minorities for recruitment", he said. (ANI)