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BJP Minority Morcha leader Suhaib Qasmi (Photo/ANI)
BJP Minority Morcha leader Suhaib Qasmi (Photo/ANI)

BJP Minority Morcha to organise Sufi, Ulema conference to bridge gap between party and Muslim community

ANI | Updated: Feb 06, 2023 00:41 IST

New Delhi [India], February 6 (ANI): In an attempt to bring the Muslim community in confidence, the Minority Morcha of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) will organise Sufi and Ulema conferences in major cities and districts of the country.
The conferences will be held in 100 Lok Sabha constituencies with Muslim populations to diminish the distance between the BJP and the Muslim community in the country.
The party has appointed Maulana Suhaib Qasmi as the program coordinator.
Convenor Qasmi said, "The Minority Front will hold Ulema and Sufi conferences in 100 Lok Sabha constituencies and major cities of the country in the coming days, through which the development work done by the PM Modi government for the Muslim community will be conveyed and the dialogue between the Muslim community and the BJP will be discussed."
We will try to reduce the gap between BJP and Muslims, he added.

These conferences will be held in 15 major cities and 100 districts of the country, in which efforts will be made to give the message of patriotism and peace.
Earlier on January 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the National Executive meeting called upon the party leaders to reach out to the minorities, including Muslims, without expecting votes.
PM Modi also instructed BJP leaders to refrain from unsolicited remarks against any community, sources added.
PM Modi said under the resolution of 'Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat', all states should cooperate with each other and be accommodative of each others' language and culture.
Prime Minister Modi exhorted all BJP fronts to connect more with the villages in the border areas. He said BJP workers should play their part in the development of aspirational districts. (ANI)