AAP leader Raghav Chaddha addressing a press conference in Delhi on Monday. [Photo/ANI]
AAP leader Raghav Chaddha addressing a press conference in Delhi on Monday. [Photo/ANI]

BJP 'character assassinates' its opposition parties when unable to electorally defeat them, alleges AAP

ANI | Updated: Sep 13, 2021 23:56 IST

New Delhi [India], September 13 (ANI): After claiming that the Enforcement Directorate issued notice to his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), party MLA Raghav Chaddha on Monday slammed the BJP-led Central government alleging that the BJP "character assassinates" its opposition parties when unable to electorally defeat them.
Addressing a press conference here today, Chaddha said, ''The policy of the BJP is such that when they are unable to electorally assassinate their opposition party, they character assassinate them. This policy cannot go on. The increasing growth of AAP and the growing popularity of Arvind Kejriwal has completely shaken Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP so much that they have let go of the reins of their agencies and have asked them to destroy the Aam Aadmi Party."
He also alleged that the ED is working as a "frontal organisation" of the BJP or "a wing" of their party.
Chadha further alleged that the BJP has again resorted to its "cheap tactics" to attack AAP.
He said, "In an unending quest to persecute AAP, Modi Government's favourite agency, the Enforcement Directorate, has dispatched a love letter to the AAP. We have received this in the name of AAP National Secretary Pankaj Gupta. The letter is dated September 10, 2021, and was issued under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002. ED Assistant Director Rajaram Meena has called Pankaj Gupta to the ED office on September 22 to record his statement."

He said that this process of "slinging mud" at Arvind Kejriwal started during the Anna Hazare-Lokpal Movement or India Against Corruption Movement. He claimed that, in 2012, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) sent the first notice stating that the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA Act) had been violated by India Against Corruption.
Mentioning the Shunglu Committee, Raghav Chaddha said, "450 files of Delhi government were inquired but no irregularity could be found. BJP should try to win the hearts of the people through good governance and honesty. Only then will the people appreciate them. They won't get anywhere by abusing these agencies. I challenge everyone to tell me the name of even one BJP politician who has been served with an ED notice in the past 7 years of BJP's governance."
The AAP leader alleged that the CBI had conducted raids on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's office. However, in all these cases, the Delhi Police and CBI could not find even a single irregularity, he said.
"The CBI had conducted raids on Manish Sisodia's office twice. Sat there for six hours. They could not file a charge sheet to date, instead, the CBI is forced to file a closure report," alleged Chaddha. He further said that 21 AAP MLAs were disqualified by the EC "on the instructions of the BJP".
Alleging that in the last five years, around two dozen party MLAs were arrested, Chaddha stated that in all the cases, all those MLAs were acquitted and the court also lashed out at the Delhi police over their arrests. (ANI)