Assam government spokesperson Pijush Hazarika (Photo/ANI)
Assam government spokesperson Pijush Hazarika (Photo/ANI)

Want permanent peaceful solution, will accept Centre's solution: Assam govt spokesperson on border row with Mizoram

ANI | Updated: Aug 03, 2021 05:12 IST

Guwahati (Assam) [India], August 3 (ANI): Assam wants a permanent peaceful solution, said state government's spokesperson Pijush Hazarika amid border dispute with Mizoram, adding that the state will welcome Centre's solution.
"We want a permanent peaceful settlement. We want that our land remains with us and their land remains with them. Central government should come up with a solution and we will welcome that," he said in an interview with ANI.
Hazarika further stressed that the state government has not blocked any roads amid reports claiming that Assam hindering the movement of vehicles at Barak valley after the border clash on July 26 in which six police personnel died.
"Assam government has not blocked any roads. People are emotional and some of them might have done it. We will request them not to indulge in such activities. Both Assam and Mizoram are the states of India and we are brothers," noted the spokesperson.
Mizoram government on Monday wrote to Assam government asking it to make necessary arrangements to enable the entry of vehicles stranded on NH-306 at Lailapur since July 26, when the violence took place at the interstate border. They assured the safety and security of all drivers and passengers in Mizoram.

"Vehicles bound for Mizoram which have been stranded on NH-306 at Lailapur since July 26 want to enter Mizoram without delay. In this regard kindly make all necessary arrangements immediately for enabling their entry into Mizoram without any law and order problem in Assam. The government of Mizoram gives it assurance for the safety and security of all drivers, passengers and their vehicles within Mizoram," read the letter issued by Vanlalngaihsaka, Secretary to the government of Mizoram, Home Department.
On Monday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma directed the state police to withdraw FIR against Rajya Sabha MP K Vanlalvena as a "goodwill gesture."
The MP was booked by Assam Police in connection with border violence.
Reiterating the same, Hazarika said, "Mizoram government has withdrawn cases registered against Assam Police personnel. We will also withdraw cases against them. The Chief Minister has already given the directions."
The border dispute between the two states peaked and a fierce gun battle between the forces of the two states resulted in the death of six Assam police personnel and one civilian. At least 50 people were injured in the incident.
Mizoram Boundary Committee passed the resolution under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of Mizoram Tawnluia. The committee strongly condemned the incursion of Assam Police into the Mizoram Police Post at Vairengte on July 26, heavily outnumbering them and opening fire first.
Meanwhile, efforts are continuing to defuse border tensions between Assam and Mizoram. (ANI)