Shwetang Pathak, a local farmer. (Photo/ANI)
Shwetang Pathak, a local farmer. (Photo/ANI)

Varanasi farmers venture into pearl farming and beekeeping

ANI | Updated: Sep 30, 2020 08:34 IST

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], September 30 (ANI): A number of youngsters in Narayanpur village of Varanasi have opted to leave city life and return home to start pearl farming and beekeeping.
They have started making good money in the new ventures and are also encouraging others to opt for the same.
Speaking to ANI, Shwetang Pathak, pearl cultivator said, "I was preparing for a teacher's job. But wanted to do something different, especially in the field of agriculture. I underwent training and now I am into pearl cultivation. Even though pearl is mostly cultivated on saltwater we have started this in freshwater with new technology."

"Pearls are of three types- designer, half round and full round. While the designer takes three months to cultivate, half-round takes 18-20 month, the full round takes around 30 months, " he further said.
Rohit Pathak, another farmer said, "I used to be a corporate employee. I came into pearl farming since last two months. Now we are mostly focussed on those type of farming, that needs less land and resources. Pearl farming is among one such."
Another farmer, who returned to his village, has started beekeeping and has now employed about 50 people.
"I used to work in the finance team of a private company. I've been engaged in beekeeping for a year and have now employed close to 50 people in the village itself and stopped them from migrating," informed Mohit.
Another beekeeper, Anil Kumar Yadav added, "Happy for these young farmers, as they have started beekeeping in the village itself. At least 25-30 people decided to stay here and do this." (ANI)