Salim, the arrested driver of BSP leader Mukhtar Ansari (Photo/ANI)
Salim, the arrested driver of BSP leader Mukhtar Ansari (Photo/ANI)

Uttar Pradesh STF arrests driver of Mukhtar Ansari's ambulance, probe underway

ANI | Updated: Jun 30, 2021 03:27 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 30 (ANI): Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force on Tuesday evening arrested the driver of BSP leader Mukhtar Ansari's ambulance, Salim, from Jankipuram area that will help in facilitating the investigation going on against Ansari's ongoing cases.
In the interrogation by the STF team, Salim revealed his closeness to Mukhtar and also admitted to being a part of his gang for a long time.
As per the information received by the STF unit in Varanasi, Salim is an active member of the Mukhtar Ansari's gang and the driver of his ambulance against whom a reward of Rs 25,000 had been announced for its arrest by Kotwali Nagar police station in Barabanki.

On this information, the team of STF field unit Varanasi, under the leadership of Inspector Punit Parihar, came to know that Salim is present near Jankipuram Pioneer School. On this, the STF team reached the place and using necessary force got him arrested.
During the interrogation, Salim said, "I have been associated with Mukhtar Ansari for almost 20 years."
As of April 12, according to the police, around 52 cases are registered against Ansari in Uttar Pradesh and other states.
Earlier in February, the UP government accused the Punjab government in the Supreme Court, alleging that the latter (Punjab) was colluding with Ansari who is wanted in UP in connection with various criminal cases. (ANI)