BJP MP from Mohanlal Ganj, Kaushal Kishore
BJP MP from Mohanlal Ganj, Kaushal Kishore

UP: BJP MP claims oxygen cylinders not being supplied to private hospitals

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2021 13:45 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], April 22 (ANI): BJP MP from Mohanlal Ganj, Kaushal Kishore in a video message on Thursday alleged that "COVID patients are suffering and dying" and claimed that oxygen cylinders were not being supplied to private hospitals.
He claimed to have spoken to two owners of oxygen cylinder suppliers who said that the drug inspectors for instructing them "not to send oxygen supplies to private hospitals, but only to government hospitals."
"Due to the constant shortage of oxygen supply at private hospitals, a lot of patients are suffering and some are even dying," said Kishore.
"When private hospitals don't get oxygen supply, a lot of doctors and owners request the guardians of COVID patients to take them back due to an acute shortage of oxygen at the hospital," he added.
The BJP MP also claimed that he "receives hundreds of calls related to this problem on a daily basis."

"Upon contacting two owners of oxygen cylinder suppliers, they said that there is a pressure on us from the drugs inspectors. They informed me that according to the drugs inspector, whoever dies, you (oxygen suppliers) are not to supply oxygen to private hospitals. Send the supplies only to government hospitals," added Kishore.
"When I further contacted the drugs inspector incharge, he said that he has not stopped anyone from providing oxygen," he said.
"I request the oxygen cylinder suppliers to saves people's lives," he appealed.
Pleading to the suppliers of oxygen cylinders, he added, "Provide people with oxygen gas even in private hospitals and even to COVID patients in home isolation, who are in need of oxygen supply."
"In case somebody manipulates you to only provide oxygen to government hospitals and not the private ones, inform me and the district officer, so that we discuss the matter with district administration and investigate the issue," he added.
"With folded hands, I plead you to save lives and provide oxygen to those in need," he added. (ANI)