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BJP leader Ruby Asif Khan, went out for Ganesh idol immersion with security (Photo/ANI)
BJP leader Ruby Asif Khan, went out for Ganesh idol immersion with security (Photo/ANI)

UP: BJP leader Ruby Asif Khan defies fatwa, death threat; steps out for Ganesh idol immersion

ANI | Updated: Sep 07, 2022 13:52 IST

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) [India], September 7 (ANI): Even death threats and a fatwa issued against BJP leader Ruby Asif Khan for installing Lord Ganesh idol at her residence in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh, did not deter her from stepping out to immerse the idol with due diligence in Narora Ghat with heavy security.
She was accompanied by her two sisters and her husband Asif.
Ruby Asif Khan, who has been receiving death threats since she installed Lord Ganesh's idol at her residence, said that she is not scared of the fatwa and threats. Even Fatwa has been issued against her for worshipping the idol.

Speaking to ANI, she said, "I am taking Lord Ganesh's idol for immersion at Narora Ghat. I installed the idol of Lord Ganesh at my residence on August 31. Since then this fatwa has been issued. Maulanas (clerics) are saying that I have become Hindu as I have installed Lord Ganesh's idol. I am receiving threats to boycott me from Islam and to burn my family alive. When I go out, people are calling me Hindu but I am afraid of fatwas and Maulanas. The way I installed the idol in the same way I will immerse with due diligence."
Clerics have issued fatwa against her and made a call to ostracize her from Islam
."I have asked the district administration for security but till now security has not been provided to me but a police constable comes to my house everyday for two or three hours. For today, the Police Station has sent two officers for the security of my family," she added.

She further said she will continue worshipping and installing Lord Ganesh's idol stating that she is not afraid or scared of the fatwas.
Earlier, she brought the idol to her residence as her family celebrates all festivals and her family members did not oppose her bringing the idol.

A fatwa was also issued against the BJP leader over the same.
The BJP leader said when she performed a puja at her residence after the foundation stone of the Ram temple was laid, she faced similar action.
"I have installed the idol of Lord Ganesha in my house for 7 days and will immerse it with due diligence. Even after the foundation stone of the Ram temple was laid, I had worshipped in my house after which a fatwa was issued against me," said the BJP leader.
"They have all stood against me. Now, these people want to kill me. I am getting threats. I am not one to be afraid. I will immerse Lord Ganesh. My husband is with me," Ruby Khan told ANI on September 5. (ANI)