Visual of the creche at Rampur's Vikas Bhawan. (Photo/ANI)
Visual of the creche at Rampur's Vikas Bhawan. (Photo/ANI)

UP: Baby feeding room, creche opened at Rampur's Vikas Bhawan

ANI | Updated: Oct 27, 2020 08:28 IST

Rampur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], October 27 (ANI): A baby feeding room and creche have been opened at the office of Rampur District Development Officer, Vikas Bhawan under missions 'Nari Shakti, in Uttar Pradesh's Rampur.

At the same time, a creche has also been opened here for the children.

Women can come here and feed their babies without any hesitation, said a woman who visited the office, adding that children can also play here while waiting with their mothers.
"Every government office should have rooms like this for the women so that they can get privacy while feeding their babies. The government has taken a great initiative," said another visitor, Usmah.
According to Rampur Chief Development Officer (CDO) Ghazal Bharadwaj, mission Nari Shakti was launched to facilitate the women of the State.
"Women coming at Vikas Bhawan with their children used to face a lot of issues following which a breastfeeding room and creche were introduced here so that they can breastfeed their babies. Women visit here from the rural areas in order to avail various advantages of the development works and all the facilities of the government," said Ghazal.
"We have introduced various programmes here to promote women security and this baby feeding room is also a part of that. A woman should not hesitate while feeding her baby so we have opened this room," she added. (ANI)