Kuldeep Sharma, a theatre artist in Chandigarh speaking to ANI on Thursday. (Photo/ANI)
Kuldeep Sharma, a theatre artist in Chandigarh speaking to ANI on Thursday. (Photo/ANI)

Unlock 4: Chandigarh theatre artists await full fledged functioning of theatres

ANI | Updated: Sep 03, 2020 17:48 IST

Chandigarh [India], September 3 (ANI): Amid the coronavirus pandemic, theatre artists are waiting for full-fledged functioning of theatres in Chandigarh. This has come after the Centre announced the reopening of open-air theatres in Unlock 4.
Speaking to ANI, Karan Gulzar said, "The government has announced the reopening of open theatres in Unlock4. We are hoping that the government will also permit the auditoriums to reopen."

To some, closure of theatres might have been a stumbling block to practice their art form. But for others, it was an opportunity to explore the different platforms to showcase the same.

Sanjay Kashyap, a theatre artist in the city, explained how lockdown has helped artists to present his art to the audience.
Kashyap said, "The theatre artists found a way amid the COVID-19 lockdown. We never thought that we would make a short film but during the lockdown, we made one and received a great response over social media platforms."
"Definitely, we miss the live applause of the audience but looking at the situation, it was a great opportunity for us to explore," said Kashyap.
We did not fathom that the virus would impact at this level, Kuldeep Sharma, another theatre artist said, "Open-air theatres are not popular here. It would have been better to open auditorium theatres and operate them at 20-30 per cent capacity."
"It would have yielded better results," Sharma added. (ANI)