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TRS MLC K.Kavitha with Dr Nageshwar Reddy (Photo/ANI)
TRS MLC K.Kavitha with Dr Nageshwar Reddy (Photo/ANI)

TRS MLC attends Colon Cancer awareness initiative by AIG Hospital in Hyderabad

ANI | Updated: Apr 23, 2022 12:52 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], April 23 (ANI): The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) K. Kavitha visited the AIG Hospital in Gachibowli on Saturday to attend the Colon Cancer awareness initiative by the hospital and inaugurated the centre specifically dedicated to the Colorectal cancer patients.
Colorectal cancer is related to a growth called Polyp in the colon or rectum (the last section of the large intestine) of an individual.

A doctor at the hospital informed ANI that Colon cancer is preventable with awareness, adequate physical exercise, and a proper diet.
The AIG hospital has launched a week-long programme to create awareness regarding Colon cancer and its need for diagnosis.

While talking to ANI, the MLC Kavitha said, "Today, Hyderabad is lauded as the Medical Hub of India. We are very proud of the medical fraternity (especially Dr Nageshwar Reddy), who constantly keeps in touch with the latest developments (in the health sector) across the globe and tries to bring them to Hyderabad."
She also said that as the world is seeing a rise in the number of Colon cancer cases, it is necessary for the treatment of the disease to be found at the earliest.
"I am proud that the AIG is using the latest technologies to find a cure to the disease and have partnered with various countries like Japan to further the cause," she said.
She further added that Colon Cancer differs from country to country, especially in India where the food habits are different, and, hence, it is significant that people stay fit, eat healthy food and exercise regularly.
Emphasising the early diagnosis of the disease as a definite way to save lives, she affirmed the support of the state government and said, "We believe that common people should have access to health care at the least possible prices and they (hospitals) should have latest technologies to save lives. The government is encouraging Research and Development initiatives across all sectors that have made Telangana a preferred choice for all."
MLC Kavitha, in the wake of the rise of colon cancer, requested people to eat healthy, stay fit and be happy along with ensuring an early detection to live a healthy life.
Former Member of Parliament Kavitha asserted that Hyderabad is the new medical hub of India. (ANI)