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Dr Manik Saha (Photo/ANI)
Dr Manik Saha (Photo/ANI)

Tripura CM Dr Manik Saha takes oath as MLA

ANI | Updated: Jul 08, 2022 23:35 IST

Agartala (Tripura) [India], July 8 (ANI): Tripura Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha took the oath as Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Tripura Assembly Constituency on Friday.

After resigning as a Rajya Sabha MP, he won the MLA seat from 8-no Town Bordowali Assembly Constituency on June 23, 2022.

All MLAs, two MPs of Tripura and the party workers were present in the oath-taking ceremony.
Speaking to reporters, he said, "In Jubarajnagar, CPI(M) long had a seat, which we could not wrest away from them back in 2018, despite waves of PM Modi's popularity. But this time, we've won that seat with a majority. The public are with us where the NDA-led government is in power in all the states."
Dr Saha said that he will be capable of winning all the seats; left unoccupied by BJP, going to be taken over in the coming 2023 Assembly election.
He further said, "We lost the seat of CPI(M) in Yuvraj Nagar for 27 years in 2018 during the time of Modi wave, this time we have won there with a majority." (ANI)