Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Kalyan Banerjee (File Photo/ANI)
Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Kalyan Banerjee (File Photo/ANI)

TMC's Kalyan Banerjee criticizes MHA over summoning chief secretary and DGP, calls it 'political vendetta'

ANI | Updated: Dec 12, 2020 12:40 IST

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], December 12 (ANI): Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Kalyan Banerjee has written to Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla over a letter from latter's office summoning Chief Secretary and Director General of Police of West Bengal on December 14, to discuss law and order situation in the state.
The letter stated political vendetta as the motive for the summons.
"We are surprised to come across a letter dated 11th December 2020 issued by the Deputy Secretary (DS) of your Department, whereby and whereunder in respect to the subject of "law and order situation in the State of West Bengal", the Chief Secretary and the Director-General of Police of West Bengal has been asked to attend a meeting on 14th December 2020 at 12:15 pm in his chamber for discussing the law and order situation in the State of West Bengal including the recent attacks on the persons having 'Z Category' security," Banerjee wrote in his letter.
"We firstly, want to inform you that "Law and Order" subject is within the domain of the state under the 7th Schedule of the State List of the Constitution of India. How in respect of the law and order situation can you call both the officers for any sort of discussion?" Banerjee stated.
"Can you, under the Constitution of India and any other law, intervene in respect of law and order of the state? It appears that with a political motive and at the instance of your Minister, who is a political person belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), you have issued the said letter. You are trying to coerce the officers of the State of West Bengal with political vindictiveness. It appears also you are interfering with the federal structure embodied under the Scheme of Constitution of India," he added.
In his letter, he also mentioned, it is apparent that the directions to the Chief Secretary and the Director-General fo Police for discussion of law and order situation at your chamber is a colourable exercise of a power or you have malafide intention for creating a disturbance in the State of West Bengal obviously at the dictate of Amit Shah, Union Home Minister.
"The way you want to proceed in the matter, undoubtedly it shows that you are acting beyond the provisions of the Constitution of India," he added.

"In respect of the law and order issue, the State Government is accountable to the State Legislative Assembly but not to you or to your Home Minister. You are proceeding with a political vendetta and motive. You should refrain from doing so," Banerjee stated.
Commenting on the attack on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National President J P Nadda's convoy in West Bengal, TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee in his letter wrote to Union Home Secretary, Ajay Bhalla stating that Nadda was accompanied by "criminal and anti-social".
"One, Rakesh Singh, a BJP leader, from his car was raising abusive slogans provocating the persons standing thereby showing his body language. Rakesh Singh is a known criminal in West Bengal. He is a convict in one case and 59 criminal cases are pending against him for instigating the violence. What was he doing in Nadda's convoy? Why Nadda was accompanied by anti-socials and criminals?" Banerjee wrote in his letter.
The Deputy Inspector General of Police of the Police Range was deputed in the area to personally supervise the security arrangements. Other police personnel and forces were also deployed in the route and at the venue at Diamond Harbour, he added.
"Three cases have been registered over the incident. One case has been registered against Rakesh Singh and others, who provoked the agitators at Serakhol under Usthi Police Station and two cases have been registered for vandalism. Seven persons have been arrested in these two cases of vandalism," Banerjee wrote.
The protestors sought to attack one or two cars before the Tail car. In between JP Nadda's car and the Tail car, there were a good number of cars and motorcycles in the convoy. According to the norms, after the VIP car only the tail car should remain but Nadda and all the BJP leaders, including noted criminals, were present in their cars and motorcycles, between Nadda's bulletproof car and the tail car. Nothing has happened at Diamond Harbour. The question is why Nadda himself allowed committing the breach of norms, he added.
JP Nadda, the President of BJP, who has the "Z Category Security" cover, was provided with a bulletproof car and a pilot and this was in addition to the scot vehicle by state, personnel's from CRPF and PSO's of CRPF, the TMC MP wrote in the letter,
On 10th December 2020, while he was going to Diamond Harbour in his convoy, without intimating the local police and obtaining permission he allowed 50 motorcycles along with the riders and supporters of BJP. In his convoy, he had taken nearly 30 cars with BJP flags along with BJP supporters, who were continuously raising provocating slogans against our party, breaking all norms whatsoever, he added.
"The question is whether a person having "Z Category" security in his convoy is permitted to bring other cars and motorcycles and hundreds of BJP supporters either without intimating the local police or without permission of the police authorities," Banerjee wrote. (ANI)