Outgoing ITBP DG SS Deswal speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Tuesday. [Photo/ANI]
Outgoing ITBP DG SS Deswal speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Tuesday. [Photo/ANI]

Till our bilateral agreements are respected, we will keep on respecting: Outgoing ITBP Chief Deswal on India-China standoff

ANI | Updated: Aug 31, 2021 18:03 IST

By Rajnish Singh
New Delhi, August 31 (ANI): Indian forces will keep on respecting bilateral border agreements between India and China until the pact is respected by the Chinese forces, but we are prepared for all kinds of situations in case of need, said the outgoing Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) Chief SS Deswal.
Speaking to ANI on the last day of his service as ITBP Director-General, Deswal said that the elite mountain-trained force is comfortable with the geography, topography as well as climate at the Indo-China border which is almost 3,500 km long and that the troops will be in a "commanding position" to face any situation to protect the border.
The 1984-batch Haryana cadre officer, who was holding charge as ITBP Director-General for almost three years, further said as there is very tough climatic and geographical conditions at the Indo-China border "our force is well trained for that terrain and it is very comfortable to stay there and complete the mandate of perfection of International Border".
Asked about border clash in June last year in the Galwan valley where 20 Indian Army personnel were killed and if such situation occurs in future, Deswal said, "We are prepared to handle all kinds of situations. Our officers and soldiers are trained enough and capable in handling any situation."
"We are comfortable with the geography, topography as well as the climate there. They will be in a commanding position to face any situation to protect the border," said Deswal.
The officer further mentioned that Indian forces are always engaged in improving their capacity and capabilities.

The outgoing ITBP chief said, "We are trained for all possible situations. We always improve our capabilities and capacity on the border and within the country also. This is the need of the country to increase the capacity and capabilities of the forces and that is being pursued."
Replying to a question on the India-China border agreement, the officer said, "Whether there is agreement or not we go by the needs of the border". "Whatever the needs are there, all will be fulfilled. We are fully capable of facing all kinds of situations."
Deswal also mentioned that India always follows the law, respects its neighbours and never violates the law but is always prepared to defend the border and is capable of securing the country in any kind of situation.
"India is a law-abiding nation and we respect our bilateral agreements. We respect international conventions also. The conduct which should be between the two countries, we have never violated our bilateral agreements and our promises to our neighbours," said Deswal.
"We respect our neighbours but we are always prepared to defend our border in all kinds of situations," stated Deswal.
The officer further warned, "Till our bilateral agreements are respected, we will keep on respecting. In case of need, we are prepared for all kinds of situations".
Asked when the border issue between India-China will be solved as there is a delay in talks, Deswal said such border issues across the world take a "long time to settle down. Our efforts in totality is the might of the forces."
"Time is not so important as our claims are important. We have to pursue our negotiations so that at the end of the negotiations our claims are with us," added Deswal.
Giving a brief about his career as he retired from his service on Tuesday, Deswal said "I am retiring after 37 years from the uniform. It is long innings. During 37 years, I served for 27 years for the state police that is Haryana and 10 years with the Government of India. I was heading ITBP for the last three years, looking after the Indo-China border." (ANI)