Osmania University Professor Jyothsna, speaking to ANI (Photo/ANI)
Osmania University Professor Jyothsna, speaking to ANI (Photo/ANI)

Telangana must release job notifications for vacant positions on war-footing, say student unions

ANI | Updated: Jul 10, 2021 19:54 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], July 10 (ANI): Representatives from various student unions and political parties joined a round table meeting in Hyderabad on Saturday to discuss the issue of rising unemployment in Telangana as well as across the nation.
The meeting was organised by Osmania University Joint Action Committee and Telangana Students Joint Action Committee (OUJAC-TSJAC).
Professor Jyothsna of Osmania University who is also the National Spokesperson of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) told ANI that after the formation of Telangana state, nearly about 50 to 60 students have committed suicide due the unemployment in the state. "Over the last one year, nearly about eight youths have committed suicide," she added.
Jyothsna further said that the state has been formed on the core of water, funds/grants, employment notification for which nearly about 1,200 students have sacrificed their lives. "Even after seven and a half years of achieving a separate Telangana state, nothing has been done to improve the situation of the core ideas for which the Telangana has formed."
Speaking about the ongoing protests by the outsourcing nurses in state, she said, "Nearly about 1,640 outsourcing nurses have been protesting for the last four days. These nurses have been demanding justice for their jobs from which they have been removed. Amidst this, Telangana Government releases a notification for outsourcing nursing staff for 3,977 vacancies in the health department."
Condemning Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, she said, "CM KCR must be ashamed. The Government of Telangana doesn't have any clarity on how to solve the water disputes. There is no clarity over the unemployment issue in the state while the youth and especially students are suffering."
Further speaking about the educational development in the state, she said that not even the single institute over the last seven and a half years has been revamped. "While CM KCR has promised for a separate university for girls during the 2014 election campaign, the State Government has tried to close a Government Polytechnic College for Girls in Warangal giving an excuse that there are no admissions taking place in the college and the reason behind this is there is no a recruitment of staff for the college and lack of proper infrastructure," Jyothsna added.
According to her, the Government of Telangana has got no commitment towards the education, health sectors in the state and further no thought towards providing employment to the state's youth. "CM KCR is playing with the lives of the unemployed youth in the state," said Jyothsna.
She further demanded that the Government of Telangana must come with a proper plan with regard to education.
Speaking to ANI, Mandala Bhaskar, the Chairperson of OUJAC-TSJAC said that the Central Government after promising 2 crores jobs every year has failed to release notification under their 7 years regime. He said that all the Government institutions are being handed over to the Private and Corporate sections. "The Government is trying to saffronise the UGC. After continuously demanding the job notifications, the Government of Telangana has today released notifications of just 50,000," Bhaskar said.
He further demanded that the vacant position in all the government undertaking institutes must immediately give notification for refiling on war-footing basis. (ANI)