Telangana State Health Minister Eatala Rajendra
Telangana State Health Minister Eatala Rajendra

Telangana had asked for 1,000 ventilators, only 50 provided so far: State Health Minister

ANI | Updated: Jun 21, 2020 17:16 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 21 (ANI): Telangana State Health Minister Eatala Rajendra launched a scathing attack on Centre saying that the State had asked for 1,000 ventilators but only 50 ventilators have been provided so far, moreover the minister claimed that the machine that was ordered by the state was diverted to Kolkata by ICMR on orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"How many times has your ICMR changed guidelines, you must think about it. We asked for 1,000 ventilators but you have given us only 50. Our machine was diverted to Kolkata by ICMR on the orders of PM. We ordered the machine but you diverted it there," said Rajendra.

"You did not give us proper facilities and financial aid but our state government has managed. BJP leaders are irresponsibly complaining to the Central Government about Telangana State Government. I urge those irresponsibly commenting and complaining BJP leaders to be mature and stop it," he added.

The minister continued saying, BJP President JP Nadda has made "false" statements against Telangana State Government. He said that Telangana State has failed in managing the Corona Crisis, The State is not conducting adequate tests and if done then the State will have Corona patients more than the National count he said, We condemn such allegations."

"Telangana State CM has already said that this virus is being brought from the other Countries. It did not start in India. Containment Zone was first meant in the Country by Telangana State. We have been tracing more than 1200 contacts at first after the Indonesian nationals were tested positive in Karimnagar.

"It is a Street leader's who alleges in such an irresponsible manner but not a National leader. As it is an imported virus, the first person to request closure of International flights was Telangana CM. Telangana State Government in Containment, tracing and treatment was appreciated by the Central Government. But you do not trust the officials under your own Government," he added.

"We will not compromise on our commitment. When the Delhi Government stated that, if the Central Government does not cooperate then nobody can stop it, what did you do at that time? it should be answered. They spoke about projects, it has been six years for BJP Government, People expected that the Country would be developed, unlike Gujarat. Observing your methods your own ruling State Government has opposed you, here within three years we have completed Kaleshwaram Project, and you alleged that we take projects for the commission, but you must understand that projects are initiated for the welfare of people but not for Commission." said Rajendra.

The minister further said that Telangana has emerged as the seed bowl and rice bowl of India.

"You allegations of projects for the commission is false. In Assembly Elections, you have won even one seat. What is your stand in this State? If you do not stop such allegations people will give you an answer. Are you trying to create fear among people or are you trying to save people?" Asked Rajendra.(ANI)