Mohammed Haroon along with his pet Bengal cat (Photo/ANI)
Mohammed Haroon along with his pet Bengal cat (Photo/ANI)

Telangana: 3-day event showcasing Indian pets concluded on Sunday

ANI | Updated: Nov 03, 2019 23:30 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Nov 3 (ANI): The three-day-long event to showcase some of the best Indian pets including dogs, cats, birds and fish concluded on Sunday in Hyderabad.
The event 'Petex India 2019' saw a large number of people participating in it along with their pets.
"We are assisting Feline Club of India who takes care of cat health and do genetic characterisation of different wonderful exotic breeds. We want to preserve the gene pool of animals in India and that is why we are bringing our best science support to this cause," Utpal Tatu, Professor at Indian Institute of Science, Director Pet Biotec told ANI.
Mohammed Haroon from Mumbai whose cat won the adult cat show at the event, said, "I have a Bengal cat. It feels great. Such shows motivate pet lovers by recognising and appreciating their love towards pets."
Sameera, another participant, said: "My cat Chikoo is a Himalayan Panda breed, it can be found in the forests of Himalayas. I feel so great to be a part of this show. My pet has participated in several international shows as well."
A participant Shahab said, "This is one of the biggest cat shows. Hyderabad has a lot of potential for cats because we have a lot of cat lovers in the city who do keep cats as their pets."
"We hosted our 3rd and 4th international cat show in Hyderabad. Over 200 cats participated from across the country. We also have two international judges from Thailand and Indonesia. More than nine breeds participated in this event," said Saketh Pathan, President of Feline Club. (ANI)